Retrieving Data from USB External Hard Drive

Definitely, USB external hard drive is the most reliable device to carry or transport data in bulk, but users should always be careful of possible data loss uncertainties. Most of us need to plug USB external hard drive into different computers that might run on different operating systems and may be affected with harmful viruses or malwares. Using external USB hard disk carelessly can put it in great danger of data loss.

In such stage if backup of valuable data is not available you may run into a big trouble. This informative article is emphasized on one of the best technique to restore data from USB external hard drive after any of following data loss mishaps:

  • Abrupt Ejection: Pulling out USB external hard disk when data is being read /written is common mistake done by many users after which they unexpectedly encounter USB hard drive is unrecognized or inaccessible error
  • File System Issues: Converting file system abrupt removal or frequent switching between OS may destroy the file system associated with the USB external hard drive. If file system is not healthy you will certainly lose access to your precious data on the drive
  • Virus Attacks: USB external drive is highly prone to different type of viruses and malwares. Sometimes data may get disappeared or deleted from USB hard drive by the action of destructive viruses
  • Accidental Format: User may format USB external hard drive mistakenly when selecting other drive to format or because of format error

USB external hard disk data recovery software!

Most convenient and perfect solution to recover data from USB external hard drive is Yodot Hard Drive Recovery. With this user-friendly wizard, you can easily restore USB external hard drive data even after formatting, partition loss/deletion or virus attacks. This software will do a great job for restoring various kinds of media files including video collections, photos, music files, documents etc from USB external hard drive in few mouse clicks. It is the best utility to perform ExFAT, NTFS5, NTFS, FAT16 and FAT32 external hard drive data recovery on Windows OS based PCs/laptops. Furthermore, this utility comes handy in retrieving files from other removable storage devices such as SSDs, USB flash drives, memory cards, iPods etc.

Followings are simple steps to get data from USB external hard disk!

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program to your computer and follow instructions for easy installation
  • Plug in USB external hard drive to that computer and then launch the application to start with the recovery process
  • Main screen comes up with two powerful data recovery options i.e. “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” or “Partitions Recovery”
  • Select particular option depending on data loss accident occurred on USB external HDD and click on “Next”
  • Choose the file types you want to restore otherwise click on “Skip” option to restore entire data from USB external hard drive
  • This recovery application scans externally connected USB hard drive and you can view all the recovered files on software wizard in just a fraction of time
  • Toggle between the “Data View” or “File Type View” option to view restored data
  • Click on “Save” button after selecting the location in your computer hard drive (do not select the same USB external hard drive to avoid overwriting) to save restored data

Also try following tips!

  • It’s very bad practice to eject USB external hard drive without following “safe to remove” procedure
  • Stop using USB external HDD instantly after the data loss
  • Don’t forget to copy important files to other storage drives or to computer hard drive
  • Keep scanning the USB external hard disk with an advanced anti-virus program

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