How to Retrieve Data from Crashed Computer?

Written by Lucy John on April 18, 2023

When you have more or pending work you may be busy to complete it somehow. But, your overtime computer usage and unintentional mistakes might lead to unexpected computer crash. In such situations, you might think that it always happen when you need the system most. However, the sad truth about computer crash is huge amount of data loss in instance of time. Before taking any precautionary steps, you end up losing or erasing complete data stored in computer hard drive. Computer crash may occur due to some prolonged issues or currently going malfunctions in your system.

Before computer crash it might show some signs, such as:

On other hand, the important thing is your computer may get crash suddenly without exhibiting these symptoms also. The logical failure of hard drive or operating system caused by harmful viruses, software malfunction as well as human error results in computer crash. Sometimes, due to improper way of upgrading operating system or inappropriate process of repartitioning / reformatting the hard drive partitions may also leads to computer crash.

You might come across many such scenarios that tend to loss of files as a result of computer crash. In such circumstances, you will have to make use of the relevant file recovery software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to bring back files from crashed system.

Crashed computer file recovery software:

HDD recovery tool easily identify and restore your missing or lost files from hard drive after computer crash. Irrespective of various file formats, the software brings back inaccessible data after computer crash on Windows operating system. One can even extract data from formatted, corrupted or dead hard drive on Windows PC. It restores data from pen drives, portable hard drives, memory cards, iPods and other storage devices. All you have to do is, download and install this hard drive recovery software on Windows system installed with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Steps to bring back files after computer crash:

Note: If your hard drive gets corrupted completely after computer crash, then dispatch it and connect to the healthy Window system


  • Taking into consideration about computer crash it is always suggested to create a backup of your essential files and folders on other storage devices
  • It is also necessary to stop saving and downloading files to the computer after data loss due to its crash
  • Do not try to accomplish complex tasks like reformatting, repartitioning, reinstalling OS, etc without standard user guide
  • Make sure that your computer is installed with authentic anti-virus software

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