Get Back Data from Windows 7 Hard Drive?

“I had installed Windows 7 operating system in my PC hard drive which is included with 4 partitions. My question here is how to recover data from Windows 7 dead hard drive. I was accessing some files from partition on Windows 7 hdd; but PC got switched off all of suddenly and I was unable to turn it on again. Can anyone provide some instructions using which I can recover data from Windows 7 hard disk?”

Almost at one or the other year Microsoft has released new versions of Windows operating system and in the previous year, it introduced to its users with Windows 7 OS. Every year Microsoft has released new versions of Windows operating system or and Windows 7 is one of its OS release which benefited many users providing wonderful features. For instance; this operating system goes better with Windows Server 2008 OS as well and it comes with extended data encryption for removal media. It provides easy migration of data from one user profile to other and it also allows users to create more number of partitions on its hard drive where in data can be saved accordingly. With increased usage there are chances that data saved in Windows 7 hard drive can be deleted or go missing due to below mentioned reasons:

  • Accidental formatting of partition on Windows 7 HDD or purposefully formatting partition after it shows formatting errors erases entire files and folders saved in that partition
  • Corruption of Windows 7 hard disk as a consequence of virus intrusion, MBR corruption, Partition Table damage, missing of system files, etc can render loss of files
  • Data loss may likely to happen when users follow incorrect procedure to re-size partition in order to expand or shrink size of existing partition or to create new partition on Windows 7 hard drive
  • Increase of bad sectors, human mistakes like improper installation of multiple operating systems on Windows 7 hard drive, etc can result in missing of data

Minimizing the usage of Windows 7 hard drive greatly increases chances of restoring data with the assistance of proper data recovery software such as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery.

Best Hard Drive Recovery Software for Windows 7

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is best and advanced application to rescue missing data from Windows 7 hard drive in above mentioned instances. With the help of advanced scanning techniques, this hard disk file retrieval software can retrieve data from corrupted partition on Windows 7 hard disk drive. In addition, it can also restore files and folders from deleted, lost, formatted or re-formatted partitions on Windows 7 hard drive by using this software. When bad sectors increases on hard drive of Windows 7 system, then you can make use of ‘Disk Image’ option and create disk images of relevant partition or entire hard drive. Later you can get back data from Windows 7 hdd using this disk image files. Moreover, it lets users to extract lost or erased files and folders from various types of hard drives, portable hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, media players and other storage media on Windows 7 OS.

Simple steps for recovering files from Windows 7 hard drive:

  • Download and install Hard disk recovery tool in a healthy computer
  • With completion of installation process, user can run the program
  • Using main screen, user can click on ‘Partition Recovery’ or ‘Formatted / Re-Formatted Recovery’ option based on data loss scenarios
  • From next screen of software, select partition or entire hard drive on Windows 7 PC from where data has to be retrieved
  • After selecting partition, initiate the scanning procedure
  • Upon completion of scanning process, rescued list of files can be viewed in ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’
  • Select files that needs to be restored and save them to relevant location available to user

Useful Tips:

  • Regularly defragment Windows 7 hard drive to avoid formation of bad sectors
  • Always update antivirus application installed on Windows 7 hard drive to make sure that it is not infected with virus or malware threats
  • To be on safer side, always take data backup before formatting or re-sizing any partition on  Windows 7 hard drive

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