Recover Partition from Windows 8.1 Computer

“I have installed newly arrived Windows 8.1 operating system on my computer. I am really happy with its features and also it has good graphical user interface. My problem is, there were only two partitions on my computer one contained operating system files as well as installed application and in other partition I used to store data like documents, photos, videos and so on. So to separate important files I thought of creating one more partition on my computer. I was carefully following each and every step to create partition; but the process got suddenly terminated due to power failure. Now the existing partition on my Windows 8.1 computer is showing error message. It would be grateful if I get help on how to get back partition data from Windows 8.1 computer”

Windows 8.1, the upgraded version of Windows 8 operating system has become very popular in a short span of time. It lets you work with the way you want; it has enhanced features that include an improved start screen, plenty of apps, Bing powered search system, OneDrive integration and so on. The results shown on it are in a clean and graphic view which lets you do things and launch apps right away. It has also delivered support for emerging technologies as a high resolution display, Wi-Fi Direct, 3D printing and so on. But as this operating system is new to the market, users may rush to commence several operations and lose data from it. Few examples are given and others are explained below:

  • Formatting Partition: When don’t find any use with particular partition of your Windows 8.1 computer, you may decide to format it in order to add new files. Sometimes, mistakenly you may choose important partition to format. Windows 8.1 operating system will show a dialogue box with confirmation message in order to stop you from formatting it. But without glancing over it, you may go further to format it
  • Accidental Deletion: At the time of creating partition on Windows 8.1 system, several options are available and you should carefully choose appropriate one. But few users may accidentally click on “Delete Partition” option instead of “Extend Partition”. In such situation, the partition from which you were about to create another partition will be deleted along with the data saved on it
  • Virus Infection: If you have installed antivirus software on Windows 8.1 system, then Windows 8.1 computer will be protected from dangerous viruses. However, in case the validity of antivirus software is expired and you fail to update it, then dangerous viruses may entre computer and damage file system of hard drive to make files inaccessible

Windows 8.1 partition recovery software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software has got the ability to cop up with any sort of data loss situation. It has special features like adding new files that will allow you to add files to recover in case you are not able to find them on the list prepared by the software. It is even included with “Smart Scan” option so that you can deeply scan your computer to search for the files which fails to display by “Normal scan” option. This software can restore different file formats and arrange them according to name, date and size (This feature does not apply for formatted partition as the details from catalog table will be erased when you format a drive). It does not occupy more space to get installed on your Windows 8.1 computer in order to recover data from Windows hard drive and also it will not take more time to retrieve your files from Windows 8.1 partition. You can even use this utility to retrieve partition from other operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Procedure to regain partition from Windows 8.1

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software and install it to your Windows 8.1 system
  • Run the software and follow instructions given on the screen
  • From the main screen, choose the option “Partition Recovery”
  • Select the drive from where you need to rescue files
  • Click on “Next” and wait till the scanning process gets completed
  • Choose file types that you want to get back otherwise add required file types
  • Utilize “Data View” and “File Type View” option for easy selection
  • Preview media files for confirmation and then save recovered files in a desired location using “Save” option


  • Be careful while creating partition on Windows 8.1 computer
  • Update antivirus software if its validity is expired

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