How to Recover Data from Windows 8 Tablet PC?

With the launch of Windows 8 based Tablet PC such as Surface mini, Surface Pro Microsoft has introduced some unique features and built-in apps. It is an easy to use device that can perform faster than any other Windows devices. However, if you don’t operate this device carefully, you can also meet unexpected data loss incidents like other people do.

A number of factors are there which can be counted for losing data from Window 8 Tablet PC. Here is everything about recovering data from Windows 8 Tablet PC, just read this informative article and get out of worry after you lose or delete valuable data in any of following situation:

  • Data loss after performing the System Restore in Windows 8 Tablet PC
  • When you delete important files mistakenly along with unwanted files
  • Formatting Windows 8 Tablet PC during OS re-installation, file system corruption, partition table corruption and other issues
  • When files on Windows 8 Tablet PC hard drive get invisible or inaccessible due to bad sectors or logical errors
  • Failure of hard disk management operations like re-partitioning, resizing, file system conversion etc causes data loss
  • You may lose your data after deleting user account or performing drive defragmentation process

So there are plethoras of data loss instances which can trouble you while using Windows 8 Tablet PC. However, it’s not an end of your crucial information you have preserved in your Windows 8 Tablet PC from time you owned it. Such kind of problem can be resolved easily with the use of advanced data recovery technology. Let’s see how!

Windows 8 Tablet PC Data Recovery Software

Yes, it is the best available option for people who are worrying for their precious data which is lost or deleted from Windows 8 Tablet PC. Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program is fast, safe and reliable data recovery tool that retrieves photos, videos, songs, documents and other data from Windows 8 Tablet PC. This Tablet PC data recovery software uses automated smart scanning methods to recover files after installing Windows 8 OS, accidental deletion, formatting/re-formatting, file system corruption, partition deletion/loss and all other data loss accidents occurred in Windows 8 Tablet PC. With this powerful wizard, you can restore data from hard drives, external hard disks, pen drives, flash memory cards, SSD drives, etc. It is easily compatible with all latest Windows operating systems.

Steps to use software for Windows 8 Tablet PC data recovery:

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program setup to your Windows 8 Tablet PC
  • Run the setup and complete the installation procedure after that you can launch the software
  • In the main wizard, you have provided two options, i.e. “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Select an appropriate data recovery option based on data loss scenarios that has happened to your Windows 8 Tablet PC
  • Now, the application will scan and display all logical and physical drives present in your Windows 8 tablet PC
  • Pick a particular drive in your Windows 8 Tablet PC from which you need to restore data and click “Next”
  • Within few seconds, a window will be displayed showing all the recoverable files from your Tablet PC
  • You can mark files and folders that are to be restored using the “Data Type” or “File Type View” option
  • Also you can use Preview option to view the recovered media files before saving them
  • Finally, you can select desired storage location to save recovered data from your Windows 8 Tablet PC; do not select same drive that is scanned for required data

Important Suggestions:

  • Strictly avoid saving data in your Windows 8 Tablet PC after you experience data loss
  • Don’t forget to backup essential files to other storage device before your perform factory reset, OS re-installation or formatting

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