Deleted Photo Recovery from HTC Thunderbolt

HTC Thunderbolt Android Smartphone has the solid built in 8MP camera. The images shot with Thunderbolt are super fine and are easily mistaken as if the photos were captured from digital camera. The photos and videos captured using this Smartphone are stored on its 4GB internal storage memory or on its external memory card. But like others, its internal storage and SD card memory are not free from problems. Users might delete their favorite pics and videos from HTC Thunderbolt phone due to their mistakes or mishandling.

Don’t lose your calmness because photos are not erased permanently from HTC Thunderbolt, only the space occupied by those pictures and videos on phone’s memory is marked reusable. Deleted or lost photos and videos are still present on internal or external phone memory until some new files occupies that memory space. In this way erased pictures are overwritten with new files if you use your Thunderbolt after deletion of photos, videos or other files. In such cases, it’s very difficult to get back media files using any effective data recovery utility.

How photos are usually deleted from HTC Thunderbolt Smartphone?

Human Faults: Users might delete important pictures or other media files while viewing them or doing some other task on Phone or erasing when phone is connected to your Windows machine

Deleted by Third Party Utility: Antivirus application while scanning for viruses on your HTC Thunderbolt may sometimes delete or erase photos and video files

Mishandling your HTC cell phone: Utilizing same HTC Thunderbolt memory card on more than one operating system (or) forcefully removing your memory card while read / write process leads to deletion or loss of valuable photos and other media file from HTC Thunderbolt phone

Irrespective of the cause, you can retrieve deleted pictures from HTC Thunderbolt by using a trustworthy recovery tool. You can find number of tools, but choosing the right one should be your first priority. So you have to carefully select a tool designed to recover photos from Android Smartphone like Yodot Androidのデータ復旧 software.

Best way to undelete images from HTC Thunderbolt:

Yodot Android Data Recovery software is designed to help users who are in need of rescuing their valuable data from internal and external memory of Android Smartphone. So you can trust and utilize this tool to find and restore deleted pictures, videos, songs, APK files and other files from HTC Thunderbolt Smartphone. Other than HTC Thunderbolt, it retrieves files from various models of HTC phones like HTC One, HTC Desire V, HTC Desire X, HTC Rezound, HTC Sensation, HTC Evo, HTC butterfly, etc. It supports other brands of Android Smartphones including Sony Xperia, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Acer, Micromax, etc on Windows operating systems.

Steps to recover data from HTC Thunderbolt:

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software and install the application to your Windows laptop / desktop
  • Plug in your HTC Thunderbolt cell phone to your system via USB cable and allow the device to get detected using UMS modes
  • Run the software and follow the on screen procedure
  • Select “Deleted File Recovery” option to retrieve your deleted photo files from your HTC Thunderbolt phone memory
  • Choose the drive from where photos are to be recovered and click on “Next” button
  • Allow the scanning process to complete and software shows all recovered files from your HTC Thunderbolt android phone
  • Preview the photo files and select the one which you want to recover
  • Finally, save the recovered files to your desired location but not to your same Thunderbolt drive cause which results in overwriting

Things to Remember:

  • Avoid using your HTC device after deleting photos and other media files
  • It is suggested to copy all your important files before formatting or restoring HTC Thunderbolt phone