Mac Data Recovery after Accidental Formatting

Losing data due to accidental format is a common issue. People many times end up formatting their storage media (hard drive, memory card, external hard drive, USB drive, thumb drive etc) accidentally or unknowingly and lose their important documents, photos, audio and video files etc that are stored in it.

How exactly you lose data?

  • Due to formatting – When you format a storage media, all the references (name, size, location details etc) associated with the files are erased from the system area. This makes the files inaccessible, signifying the disk space as free
  • Due to reformatting - Switching the file system of a storage media from FAT16 / FAT 32 to NTFS or vice versa, creates a completely new file system and erases all the data present in it. This happens because the files lose their encryption details and file system permissions that holds entries associated with access granted and operation allowed to a file

What you should do after accidental format?

As explained above formatting erases all the references related to the files from the file allocation table and showing memory as free space. But actually the files are still present in the memory residing as raw data which cannot be accessed. Hence, the data can be recovered easily if not overwritten.

If you have accidentally formatted your storage drive, then immediately stop using it. Because any kind of write operation can overwrite the memory and can cause permanent data loss. Now, without making any delay or postponement use a recovery software to recover all your critical and sensitive data. Make sure that you are not downloading or installing the recovery software to the same volume / drive. In the case where you have formatted the entire hard drive, disconnect the hard drive and attach it to a healthy computer (having the recovery software) as a secondary drive.

After recovering the data, save the files to a different drive other than from where you are recovering, as this may also cause permanent loss of data due to overwrite.

Why Yodot Mac Data Recovery software?

YoDot Mac Data Recovery software is designed with advanced algorithms, which ensures complete and proficient recovery of formatted data from all types of storage drive. Securely and effortlessly recover large amount of data within no time from formatted hard drives / volumes.

Most importantly its user friendly interface helps you recover with great ease even from complex data loss situations, that to without requiring any prior product knowledge.

How to use the software?

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software in a different drive other than the one from where you are recovering formatted data
  • Run the software and start the recovery process by following the on screen steps
  • As the main window comes out, pick the “Recover Formatted Partition / Drive” option
  • The application will scan and display all the drives present on your Macintosh
  • Choose the drive, from which data is to be retrieved and wait until scanning session ends
  • Now, choose from the list of files that are recovered from the formatted drive, which is displayed using two different view types  i.e. file type view and data type view
  • Use the “Preview” option, as it is better to view the files before restoration
  • Use “Save Recovery Session” option to save the scanning session info. This option helps you avoid re-scan after buying the software.(useful until if you haven’t switched the drive in between)
  • Select the destination location to store the recovered files (not the same from where you are recovering )
  • You can also compress the recovered files in a ZIP file to save disk space


  • Always backup data on regular basis
  • Use read-only option to protect important files