How to Retrieve Data After Invalid Catalog Record Type Error?

“Hi, I own a Mac desktop on which I have hoarded numerous important files. But, recently when I started the machine I was welcomed with an error message saying, “Invalid Catalog Record”. I am unable to perform any of the tasks on this machine and all the files are out of my reach. Can someone suggest me on how to recover data after Invalid Catalog record type error on Mac? Please help, any suggestions would be of great assistance. Thanks in advance.”

Mac is the most amazing development by Apple Inc. Macintosh machines running on Mac OS X provides excellent functionality that attracts the users. Mac OS machines have HFS and its upgraded versions (HFS+ or HFSX) file systems to organize files and folders on the system hard disk. And Catalog Record is one that is used to refer entry of file in disk’s directory. There are 4 types of catalog records they are file, folder, file thread and folder thread. When there is any catalog record other than these four types then disk utility reports error, Invalid Catalog Record.

The main causes for invalid catalog record error are:

  • Damage to catalog record due to software conflicts
  • Catalog record having incorrect count
  • Corruption of catalog record due to virus infection
  • HFS file system corruption

Apart from the above, there are other factors that might sometimes trigger invalid catalog record error on Mac such as system / hard drive crash, unorthodox format process, improper OS reinstallation, etc. When catalog record is corrupt, data on Mac becomes inaccessible. To resolve this error many users prefer to run Disk utility or use any third party application to repair it. Unfortunately, this might still worse the situation by further damaging the catalog record leading to severe data loss. Nevertheless, in order to retrieve data after invalid catalog record type error on Mac, there is ultimate data recovery tools that rescue all your crucial data from Mac.

Nearly all data recovery experts recommend using Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool for recovering all data after invalid catalog record type error on Macintosh machine. The software is well equipped with excellent restoration strategy to safely regain unreachable, lost as well as deleted data just in simple clicks. It supports to extract more than 200 file types from Mac hard drives with SATA, ATA, PATA, SCSI, etc. interface. Additionally, this program can also bring back lost and deleted volumes with HFS, HFS+ file systems on iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro and Air computers. The software can be used on OS X machines with Snow Leopard, Leopard, and Lion operating systems.

Steps to get back files from corrupt catalog record Mac system:

  • Connect the Mac drive that shows invalid catalog record type error to a healthy Mac machine
  • Then download the software on to that Mac machine and install it successfully
  • Launch the tool from the desktop shortcut and wait for the main screen
  • From the two options in main screen, click on “Volume Recovery” option and proceed
  • Next window shows all the logical external drives present on that system (including the victim drive which is externally connected)
  • Choose the drive that represents your victim Mac hard drive from which data has to be recovered
  • By clicking next, a list of supported file types gets displayed
  • Choose required file types to recover or simply skip this step and proceed next
  • Software now scans the selected drive and extracts all possible files from it in few seconds
  • All retrievable files will get listed under Data view and File Type View options
  • Go through the list to examine rescued files, then save these files to specified destination location on host computer (Not to the same drive from which data was restored as it causes data overwriting)

Safety Measures:

  • Maintain advanced antivirus program to keep away system files from malicious programs
  • Keep regular backup of data on weekly or monthly basis to avoid inevitable data disasters