Retrieving Data when Mac Partition Failed with Error Could Not Unmount Disk

“Hi every one, I am a Mac user. Recently I repartitioned one of the existing Mac partition, I thought that repartitioning was done successfully. But, the existing partition is showing “Cloud not unmount the disk” error message. Therefore I gone have thorough some forums for solution; with reference of some suggestions I tried to resolve the issue, but now I am unable to access my valuable data from that Mac partition. Please show me appropriate solution to recover my data.”

Behind smooth running of the Mac system there might exist some unforeseen annoying situation which you cannot handle. However, most of the users proceed with their wish to resolve the issues as mentioned in above scenario and later feel bad for their mistakes. Now one might clear that without concerning the importance of the data that you have stored in particular Mac partition, how some instances can build barrier to access your data. Let us discuss some other scenarios that causes could not unmount the disk error:

  • Due to unnecessary mouse clicks while formatting, partitioning, verifying the disk properties, etc you might end up with could not unmount the disk error and unreadable partition on Mac system
  • Interruptions or following improper way while installing the dual operating system using boot camp program, your Mac partition may fail with error cloud not unmount the disk
  • Abnormal shutdown of Mac system may lead to error message could not unmount the disk and results in inaccessible Mac partition

In such situation, your essential data stored in Mac partitions become inaccessible or unreadable. One of the best approaches to access your important data from Macintosh partitions is by using partition recovery utility like Yodot Mac Data Recovery.

Mac partition data recovery software:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is efficient partition data retrieval program for Macintosh system. This application can bring back all data (documents, images, program files, video, audios, etc.) from failed Mac partition. Its simple and friendly interface helps you to extract missing data from unmountable Mac partition in safe way. This tool supports restoration of data from Mac partitions with FAT, HFSX, HFS and HFS+ file systems. It regains data from not only failed Mac drives, but also from corrupted, formatted or re-formatted volumes of Macintosh hard drive. The software works well with Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion Mac operating systems.

Steps to rescue data from after error could not unmount the disk:

  • Download and install Mac Data Recovery software to Macintosh computer
  • After that setup the program and proceed further by following simple on screen guidelines
  • In main screen you will find two options such as “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” options
  • Choose “Partition Recovery” option in order to retrieve lost data from failed Mac partition
  • In next screen this tool displays all the drives that are present in your Mac system
  • Select the inaccessible partition and click on next button. The application will start the scanning process and explores all the data preserved in that Mac drive
  • Save preferred files and folders to your desired location on system, external hard drive or to CD/DVD (But no the same failed Mac hard drive)


  • Do not go blindly with some complex tasks, ensure that you are following standard method while accomplishing those operations
  • Without any delay try to recover the inaccessible data from failed Mac partition using compatible data recovery tool
  • Always prefer to backup essential data of Mac partitions on external storage devices

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