Retrieve Data after MacBook Does Not Recognize USB

“I connected my USB to MacBook after which it said that USB drive is not recognized. This drive holds all my essential files and I cannot think of losing it. I tried every possible way to make the USB drive recognizable on MacBook. However, nothing worked and I am left with empty hands. Can anyone suggest me proper method to recover data from unrecognized USB on MacBook? Please help.”

This situation can be encountered with many USB drive users wherein data gets unreachable as the drive won’t be recognized on MacBook. USB drive is the best way to store data as the device is easily portable and accessible on multiple devices. But, as this USB drive becomes unreadable data saved in its storage memory gets futile. Some of the reasons behind unrecognized USB on MacBook are listed below:

  • Incorrect mounting of USB drive on MacBook due to incomplete USB connectivity, usage of damaged USB port to create connectivity between drive and the MacBook, etc. will cause damage to the USB device making it unrecognized
  • Virus intrusion is another possible way that can corrupt USB drive making it invisible on connecting to MacBook
  • Wrong usage of USB drive like forceful pulling out from MacBook when data is being transferred, using same USB drive on different operating systems, etc. can result in corrupting the USB drive
  • File system corruption and other software conflicts are countable reasons behind invisibility of USB drive on MacBook

As USB turns unreadable on MacBook one might lose access to valuable data preserved in victim USB drive. However, no data is lost permanently from unrecognized USB. All user data is still intact with the storage drive but cannot be accessed or recovered manually. In this kind of situation, inaccessible data on not recognized USB can be recovered with the help of third party data recovery tools.

Ultimate tool to recover data after MacBook does not recognize USB:

Data recovery software is proficient data recovery program that can restore data from unrecognized USB drive on MacBook with utmost ease. This utility can get back data from storage devices compatible on Mac computers like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro. It can rescue documents, folders, volume data, media files and other files from USB drive that is corrupted, inaccessible or unrecognized on Mac machines. It can even restore data after MacBook hard drive failure on which data is completely unreachable. This data recovery program can be utilized on OS X computers that operate with Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating systems.

Steps to recover files when MacBook won’t Detect USB drive:

  • Download Yodot Mac Data Recovery software on your MacBook and install it
  • Connect the unrecognized USB to this machine, make sure connectivity is not disrupted or incomplete and run the utility
  • In main screen click on ‘Volume Recovery’ option and proceed next
  • Now, software displays all drives associated with the Notebook
  • Select the volume / drive that represents externally connected USB drive and proceed to scanning process
  • Now, allow the software to scan USB drive and wait till the process completes
  • View the recovered data in two distinctive view types namely, ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’
  • Preview selected files from the list and save them to target location on host MacBook hard drive; but not to the same unrecognized USB drive

Suggestions to avoid data loss from USB:

  • Do not mishandle USB drives while using it on MacBook or other Mac machines
  • Always have current backup of essential files from USB drive on MacBook or external storage drive

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