File Recovery from Corrupted Mac Hard Disk

“I had a Mac Machine that did not boot and stopped working. I have disconnected hard drive and connected it externally to another Mac computer. But When I tried to access files from it, an error message was displayed stating that "F:/ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable” The Mac drive contained huge amount of data which was related to my business and personal purpose. Can anyone tell me how to get data back from it?”

Well, in order to get data from corrupted hard drive you have to first format it and then look for any good hard drive recovery software. Nowadays Mac computers are gaining popularity as they run on powerful operating system, that provides wide range of advanced features. These rich features offered by Mac OS makes it more attractive and innovative to use than other computer operating systems. While you enjoy the advantage it brings to you, at times you may encounter any trouble that leads to the loss of precious data kept on hard drive of Mac system. Corruption of Mac hard drive is one such case disaster, which might occur at any instant and makes all files inaccessible.

Various facts are accountable for corruption of hard drive. Some of them are explained as follows:

  • File system of Mac ard drivemay get corrupt as a result of wrong data operations, formatting/reformatting errors, software issues, etc
  • Errors encountered while re-partitioning Mac hard drive to expand or shrink the size of existing Mac volumes or incorrect way of re-partitioning hard disk due to the lack of technical knowledge would lead to corruption of Mac hard disk
  • Corruption of Volume header could damage log files to particular volume and makes it unmountable
  • Sometimes bad sector on Mac hard drive, hardware or damaged RAM are likely to corrupt your Mac hard drive or its volumes
  • Abrupt system shutdown due to power failures or sudden system reboots will forcibly close all opened applications, leading to corruption of Mac hard disk

One of the above mentioned point is enough to corrupt hard drive leaving your data unreadable state or it may bring about to loss of valuable files and folders saved on Mac system. You cannot view or access you files from hard drive volume, as volumes on Mac HDD becomes unmountable after damage fo hard drive. However, data is not actually lost in this case, it just becomes invisible. Therefore as mentioned earlier, your data is recoverable from damaged Mac hard drive by employing a good hard drive recovery software. But before using the data recovery utility, you should stop using your Mac hard drive so that inaccessible or lost data on it is not overwritten with new data.

Software to retrieve files from corrupted Mac HDD

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is sophisticated tool designed to rescue your important data from Mac hard drive when you are trobled by any unforeseen data loss cases. This tool will help you to restore data from Mac volume after corruption. Retrieving data from deleted, lost, formatted or reformatted Mac volumes is possible with the help of this tool. Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool is built with simple and attractive user-friendly interface, so that users who lack technical knowledge can carry out data recovery process without facing any difficulties. Using this software, you can do data recovery from Mac hard drive or any external storage drive on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow leopars and Lion machines.

Procedure to recover data from corrupted Mac hard drive

  • Download Yodot Mac Data Recovery application and install the software on a healthy Mac machine
  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software in a drive other than the one from where you are recovering data
  • Execute the software and start the recovery process by following the on screen steps
  • Once the main screen comes out, you will find two options which are “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”
  • Pick the option “Volume Recovery”
  • The software will now scan and display all the drives present on your Mac system
  • Choose the drive from where data is to be recovered and wait until scanning session ends
  • Now, select from the list of files that are retrieved from the corrupted drive, which is displayed using two different view types i.e. “File Type View” and “Data Type View”
  • Make use of “Preview” option, as it is better to view the files before you retrieve
  • Select the location that you prefer to store the recovered files

Useful Tips

  • Use power supply which is free from dips, surges and failure
  • Backup should be created to restore data in the event of data loss from hard drive
  • Do not use Mac hard drive once you realized that you lost data from it
  • Avoid installing data recovery software onto the drive from where you lost data

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