Data Recovery from Dead Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini laptop is inbuilt with Intel core i7 processor, which makes it much faster than its previous versions. It’s inbuilt with the world’s powerful operating system called as OS X Mountain Lion which is packed with more number of advanced features that you will love to use it. Mac Mini comes with storage capacity of 500GB or 1TB which is included with 256GB of flash storage.

Photo libraries, movies, music, documents and other files can be stored and accessed at very great speeds. Designed with best graphical user interface and highly advanced display properties, you will hardly miss any of the contents from Mac Mini desktop. As the work keeps going on, all of sudden there might be power surge and with no power supply the screen goes blank. Now, again when you try to start the Mac Mini system, it does not boot up. You have checked all the connections, and other hardware properties, but to your surprise the problem still persists. Just relax yourself! There is no need to get upset. The information stored in your Mac Mini will be safe and will be saved in the same location as where the user had saved it. Easily get to know how to recover data from dead Mac Mini system with the help of best Mac data recovery tool.

Some of the scenarios that should be known to cause dead Mac Mini hard drive are:

  • Once Mac Mini OS gets infected with virus, the information stored in it becomes inaccessible. The infectious program damages the file system of the respective volumes thus making them go dead
  • Your Mac Mini system may go dead when there is sudden power loss when the user is performing some tasks in the computer which are of high importance
  • Sometimes your Mac Mini may crash as a result of certain application faults, improper installation procedure, system file corruption and so on which make the system hard drive go dead
  • Abruptly stopping the format process, Corruption to the Mac Mini hard drive, re-partitioning errors, boot sector corruption, bad sectors and other causes may result in dead Mac Mini hard disk

Mac Mini Data Recovery Tool:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is the best application present to restore the lost or deleted information from dead Mac Mini hard drive. It is a Universal Binary application that supports Mac systems that work on both Intel and PowerPC platforms. With the help of powerful scanning algorithms Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool can not only restore information from Mac Mini Hard Drive but can also get back data from other external storage devices that are connected to Mac Mini. Use the Save Recovery Session option that is specifically inserted in Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool, so that you can save the recovery process at any point of time and resume it at later stage without the need to rescan the entire drive again. One important thing to keep in mind is that you must make sure no read or write process should be carried out once data loss has occurred in respective hard disk or a particular partition.

Follow the simple steps to restore data from Dead Mac Mini:

Note: The user must be logged in as local system administrator to install this data recovery application.

  • After the completion of the installation process connect the dead Mac Mini drive to the computer where the recovery product is installed
  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool to a healthy system
  • After the completion of installation process you can view the shortcut icon on desktop
  • Launch the application and follow the procedure provided on main screen of Yodot Mac Data Recovery product
  • Volumes Recovery and Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery are the options that are provided in the main screen
  • Click on Volumes Recovery and then proceed to next screen
  • Here you will be provided with the list of drives that are present in the system including external drives that are connected to it
  • Select the respective Dead Mac Mini hard drive connected to the system then go to the scanning process
  • On completion of recovery process the user can view the list of files that were saved in the respective drive
  • Data View and File Type View options are provided so that you can select from respective options whichever supports in easy data recovery
  • Once the files are restored you can preview them and save them on the destination location as desired

Helpful Tips

  • Keep a good power back up source so that there is sudden system shut down when the user is performing some tasks
  • Be attentive during resizing of partition else you may end up losing valuable information