Restore Data from External Hard Drive on Mac

“Few months ago I had bought a new external hard drive for keeping back up of all the information that I have in my system. Saving the data in the hard drive was easy, so after saving the data on my external HDD, when I tried to copy some of the files from this external drive, accidentally the USB port cable was unplugged. Now, when I connected the drive it showed some error message and has become inaccessible. All the files and folders that were moved to it are now gone.”

Is there any way in which I can restore those files and recuperate this data loss?

Yes! Of course! Files that are lost from your external hard drive are not permanently gone. They are still present in the same place as they were saved. Only the links that were connected to the data would have been removed so that new information can be added in its place. There is no need to get upset! Suitable data recovery application will help you to get back your files from portable hard disk in no time without missing even a single bit of information.

Take a note on some scenarios that cause loss of data from external hard drive:

  • Abruptly Removing Your External Drive: Removing your external hard drive abruptly from the system when the read or write procedure is being carried out will lead to loss of data. Never eject your external hard drive abruptly, wait for the transfer process to get completed and then remove the drive safely
  • Formatting External Hard Drive: Unknowingly formatting the external hard drive, thinking it to be one of the partitions present in the system will cause removal of all files and folders that were saved on it. So before formatting the partition, it is must that you have to check whether it contains any useful information
  • Corrupt Drive: Corruption of your external hard drive happens in many ways. One of the common reasons for its damage is due to virus infection. Once this virus gets access in to your hard drive it damages the file system making it inaccessible to the user. Hence all the contents that are stored in it are lost

External Hard Drive Data Retrieval on Mac

Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool has been designed to rescue your data from portable hard drive that has been connected to your Mac operating system. With the help of this product the user can restore many types of files quite easily. This recovery application has support for all brands of external hard drives that have been equipped with Mac supported file system. After completion of recovery process the data can be previewed before saving them to the given location.

External Hard Drive Recovery Process:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool in your system and proceed with data restoring process
  • Launch the application and follow the on screen instructions
  • In the main screen you will be provided with two options “Volumes Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”
  • Click on “Volumes Recovery” to get back data from your portable hard drive connected to your Mac computer
  • Now you will be presented with the list of drives that are there on Mac Operating System
  • Select the volume from which data loss has taken and proceed to other window by clicking on “Next” button
  • Select the file types you want to recover and click on Next button that will begin with the scanning process
  • On completion of this scanning process you will be listed with the set of files, choose the ones that are required and then proceed on with saving process

Things to Remember

  • Keep a back up of all your information in a separate drive
  • Before deleting files from portable HD, make sure that they are not required any more
  • Select the right drive while creating partitions and double check if there is no information stored in it

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