Retrieve Data from Non-booting MacBook Air Hard Drive

“I had saved many files in my MacBook Air laptop that included Word documents, excel sheets, reports, records, games, pictures, videos, songs, etc. But, today it suddenly stopped working. Later, I tried to startup my laptop many times, but unfortunately it did not boot. All data saved on my laptop is inaccessible now. Is there any way to get back data from a non booting MacBook Air laptop?”

Yes, you can recover data from unbootable MacBook Air. So don’t lose patience you are not alone, many MacBook Air users have faced such scenario. Users are fond of using Mac Notebooks as it has attractive and user friendly features. As with increased usage, losing data from this of MacBook Air laptop has tremendously increased over the past few years. One such disaster can happen when MacBook Air hard drive suddenly becomes unbootable leading to heavy data loss.

MacBook Air may stop booting due to the following reasons:

  • Catalog File Corruption: Catalog file stores information about file hierarchy of Mac volumes. Hence corruption of this catalog file can also damage system files responsible for booting of MacBook Air
  • Apple Map Corruption: Apple map is the Partition table on Mac systems that holds vital information about all volumes of MacBook hard drive and corruption to this Apple Map may lead to non booting of MacBook Air hard disk
  • Bad Sectors: Several bad sectors on MacBook Air hard disk due to hard drive getting old, read-write head crash, frequent improper termination of laptop, etc can sometimes prevent it from booting normally
  • Hard Drive Crash: Software or hardware conflicts, corruption of hard drive, re-partitioning errors, boot sector corruption, harmful virus attacks and other issues can lead to crash of MacBook Air, which eventually becomes non booting

What will you do when MacBook Air do not boot in spite of trying different methods. Will you permanently lose data saved on it? No you will not lose data. You can restore back your inaccessible data from non booting MacBook Air by making use of best data recovery tool designed for Macintosh system.

Which software to use?

One can rely upon Yodot Mac Data Recovery software to retrieve data from non booting MacBook Air laptop. This software can safely recover all types of files from MacBook Air as well as MacBook Pro notebooks with its read-only recovery process. The tool can also be utilized to restore data from non booting, dead, failed, damaged or corrupted Mac laptop and desktop hard drives. It supports recovery of data from storage drives formatted with FAT, HFS+ and HFSX file systems. You can regain access to all types of files like doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, xml, txt, jpg, mpeg, etc. from non bootable MacBook Air using this recovery tool. Also you can recover deleted files from different Apple products like iPods, iMac, MacBook Pro and various internal as well as external hard drives developed for Mac operating system.

Steps to make use of Yodot Mac Data Recovery software:

  • Connect the hard drive of non bootable MacBook Air laptop to a healthy Mac system
  • Download the software onto that healthy Mac system and install it
  • After launching the software, in the main screen select “Volume Recovery” option
  • Next, the software provides a list of volumes present on Mac system
  • Select the volume that represents non bootable Mac laptop drive connected on the system
  • Further, the software starts recovery process and you can see the status of recovery in progress bar
  • In the next screen all types of recoverable files will be listed
  • Select required files to restore and target the location to save them

Things to Remember:

  • Always track back the minor defects in the laptop before problem becomes severe that might lead to MacBook hard drive failure
  • Maintain proper backup of all necessary files regularly

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