Rescue Data from FireWire Drive Not Showing Up on Mac

“Hi, I am using FireWire hard drive and stored huge amount of data from long ago. Recently when I connected my FireWire drive to backup some data, it was not showing up on Mac computer. Therefore, I unplugged it and plugged the FireWire cable and it worked fine. However today when I connected that FireWire drive next time, again same scenario repeated by not showing up on Macintosh machine. Anyone know about how to retrieve data from FireWire drive not showing up on Mac computer? Please help me!!

As FireWire drives provides high storage space and fast data transferring rate, most of the Mac users go for these drive to backup and share huge quantity of essential data. However, as mentioned in above scenario, FireWire drives might not show up when it is connected to the Mac system due to various reasons. Let us consider some of them:

  • File system corruption: File system of FireWire drive might get corrupt due to improper handling of the device or following incorrect file system conversion process. In such circumstances FireWire drive may not show up when it is connected to Mac system
  • Volume header corruption: The volume header of FireWire drive stores information related to volume size, file system type, available storage space and other information. In case the FireWire volume header gets damaged, due to mishandling or virus attack then the drive becomes inaccessible
  • Interruption while data transferring: While transferring data from FireWire drive to Mac system or visa-versa if you disconnect that drive accidentally or abrupt system shut down occurs, then there is possibility of FireWire drive corruption

Due to above mentioned reasons your FireWire drive may not mount on Mac system. In such scenarios, you might think that the data saved on that drive can never be recovered back. However it is a wrong assumption, as one can work around the above mentioned issue and recover all valuable data from the drive using data recovery software. The preferred one is Yodot Mac Data Recovery.

Tool to bring back data from FireWire drive not showing up on Mac:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery software is the most powerful tool for restoring data from FireWire drive not showing up on Mac machine. It retrieves data from FireWire drive with at most ease using its interactive interface and advanced technologies. This application even gets back data from formatted or crashed FireWire drive on Mac computer. Apart from FireWire drive, this utility regains data from internal hard drives, portable hard drives, pen drives, memory cards and other storage device.  The program recovers data from different Mac operating systems such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion.

Procedure to recover data from FireWire drive not showing up on Mac:

  • Connect the affected FireWire drive to your Mac system
  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery application on that computer
  • Launch the tool and stick to the onscreen steps
  • From first screen select “Volume Recovery” option to rescue data from FireWire drive not showing up on Mac system
  • Now the software displays all the drives present on that Mac machine
  • Select the volume that represents your FireWire drive from where you want to extract lost data
  • The software scans the selected volume and displays all the recoverable files and folders
  • Finally, save the rescued data to any desired location or drive, however not to the same FireWire drive


  • Regularly backup your valuable data of FireWire data on more then one storage device
  • Avoid abrupt removal of FireWire drive from host device while performing certain tasks
  • Do not use FireWire drive on unsecure systems in order to avoid virus attack