Restore Files from 2.5 Inch ADATA DashDrive HD710 1TB Portable HDD

“Hi everyone, my external hard disk HD710 Adata DashDrive is not showing any data stored on it. I just connected the drive on my Mac machine, opened few folders on it and starting moving those files on to system drive. But before the process got completed, I mistakenly discarded the drive from system. When I reconnected, DashDrive was showed as empty. Can anyone please suggest me proper method to retrieve files from ADATA DashDrive HD710 2.5 inch 1TB external hard disk?”

ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710 is a pretty good portable hard drive for Mac users to exchange huge data between computers or to save crucial files as backup. This outstanding external hard disk from ADATA performs fast with USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 interface. This 2.5 inch DashDrive HD710 comes in 500GB, 750GB and 1TB storage capacities and formatted with FAT32 file system. The dynamic design - rubber and plastic combined covering of the hard disk is Shockproof and waterproof, which is an important factor in securing data saved on it. Even after these specific features, users tend to loss files from ADATA 2.5” 1TB DashDrive HD710 removable HDD as mentioned in above scenario. Below given are few commonly faced misfortunes that result in data loss from ADATA 1TB DashDrive HD710 external hard disk:

Common scenarios for losing data from ProBox Portable Enclosure are:

  • Mishandling of drive: Files on ADATA DashDrive HD710 might be lost if the drive is not used properly such as abruptly removing the drive without safe remove option, connecting the drive to different computers, etc.
  • Accidental format / reformat process: As soon as external drive gets connected on system, users prefer to scan the drive for presence of any malicious programs. And while doing so, there are chances that users might accidentally format the drive and loses data from it. Also, unintentionally changing file system (reformatting) of the drive could also lead to data loss
  • System crash: Due to software conflicts, Mac system might suddenly hang / freeze while accessing data from DashDrive HD710 portable HD resulting in missing of files
  • Other factors: Unintentional data deletion by user / by third party applications on the system or hard drive corruption, file system corruption and interrupting read / write process may all result in loss of files from A-data 1TB HD710 DashDrive external disk

As the drive comes with no backup program to save data from the above mentioned situations, users may frequently lose data from DashDrive Durable 1TB HD710 ADATA drive on Mac OS X. But do not worry as there are third party recovery programs to save your data that is being lost or erased from the ADATA DashDrive HD710. But, to acquire 100% recovery of missing and erased data from the drive, stop using it soon after encountering any data loss situation to avoid data overwriting.

Regain data from DashDrive HD710 ADATA external HDD on Mac:

Among multiple data recovery tools available, Yodot Mac Data Recovery is the most preferred recovery tool for Mac users. The tool can restore data like documents, presentation files, spread sheets, picture files, videos, songs, etc. from corrupted, formatted and inaccessible external as well as internal hard drives on Mac machine with extreme ease. This utility is designed to extract all file types from HFS, HFS+ and FAT formatted drives. In addition to ADATA, it supports recovery of data from Toshiba, Apple, Seagate, Buffalo, Iomega, WD, Dell, Hitachi, Sony and other popular brands. One can easily employ this software on Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion operated Mac Machines like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, etc.

Guidelines to use Yodot Mac Data Recovery program on OS X:

  • Connect your 2.5 Inch 1TB ADATA DashDrive HD710 removable HDD to a Macintosh machine
  • Download the software on that Mac system, then install and run the utility by following onscreen steps
  • In the main screen, you will find two options; “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Click and select appropriate option according to data loss scenario from the DashDrive
  • Then select the drive / volume associated with ADATA 1TB HD710 DashDrive from which data is lost
  • Then select the mode of scan between Standard scan and Advance scan options
  • Further, specify required file types to be restored or else click on Mark all option
  • Also, if you wish you can add new file type that is not listed by software
  • Clicking next, you will see status bar showing scanning process
  • After complete scan of drive, restored files will be displayed in a list
  • Toggle between Data view and File Type view options to go through retrieved files
  • Soon after that, select required files and save them on Mac system drive (Not on the same ADATA DashDrive)

Valuable Tips:

  • Do not perform unnecessary format, reformat and repartition processes on external HD710 DashDrive without proper backup
  • Follow safe removal option when disconnecting drive from Mac systems
  • Make use of safe antivirus programs to avoid virus infection to removable ADATA 1TB HD710 DashDrive