Tool to Get Data Back from Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD

Neutron Series GTX is the best SSD’s that built in for effective and high-end performance on desktop computers and notebooks including laptops. Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD is powered by an LAMD SATA 3 SSD controller which enables it to deliver extreme performance at both random read / write speeds and sequential write speeds and hence can be made use for intense data work.

Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD has been designed for multitasking. Multiple processes can be linked to the storage media without putting any load on its performance. But, at times certain issues crawl up and make you tensed. These issues are of great concern as important / confidential information present in SSD becomes unavailable to you. After a through look out, we have noted below the main causes for loss of valuable information from Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD:

  • Virus Infection: Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD or any other storage media for that matter must be provided with complete antivirus protection. Any failure in antivirus application can invoke virus attack on the hard drive leading to information loss
  • Power Surge: Desktop shuts down if proper power supply is not maintained and in the mean time if some important task is being carried out with your Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD, there are chances that data loss may occur
  • Formatting:  Accidental or intentional formatting wipes out entire set of files that were stored in your Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD. Complete care of data should be taken (backup) before initiating OS re-installation process

Recovering Files from Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD

Yodot Mac Data Recovery program is a must use application when it comes to rescuing files lost, deleted or formatted from Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD. The best and most known feature of this recovery utility is that it provides the user with separate destination location to save data once restoring process is completed, preventing the possibility of data being overwritten. Apart from recovery of data from Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD, user can also make of Yodot Mac Data Recovery software to restore valuable files from hard drives, external hard drives, different types of memory cards, iPods, and mp3 players and so on. This recovery program can be easily installed on different versions of Mac operating systems like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and other latest versions.

Follow the simple steps to restore data from Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery on the system
  • As soon as the installation process gets completed, run the program with the help of shortcut icon provided on desktop
  • From the main screen of the utility click on Volumes Recovery or Formatted / Re- Formatted Recovery whichever is suitable
  • Once the option is selected, the utility scans the entire system and lists the drives that are present in it
  • Select Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD drive and then follow on to next screen
  • Find and mark the relevant file types that needs to be restored and start the scanning process
  • Upon completion of the installation process, the rescued list of files are presented in Data View or File Type View whichever is applicable to user
  • At last save the files to relevant destination location as available to host operating system user


  • Make sure data backup is maintained regularly
  • Double check the drive before starting the formatting process
  • Follow proper procedure while exiting an application

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