Software for Recovering Data from Crashed Mac Hard Drive

Mac hard drive is very important part which stores user and system data including operating system and your computer does not function without it. It has moving parts and components such as read/write header, PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), rotating discs covered by magnetic material etc. through which it functions. But like any computer hard drive, the hard drive of Mac can get crashed anytime due to various technical faults.

The hard drive of Mac can fail because of various logical or physical damages. If your hard drive is crashed because of physical failure then it is bit difficult to recover data present in it. But if hard drive is crashed due to logical problem, you are lucky enough to save and recover your data. All you need is a perfect data recovery software that is capable of restoring lost data after crash of Mac hard drive.

Most Important Causes for Mac Hard Drive Crash

  • Physical Reasons: Physical damage can occur due to mechanical faults like read/write head crash, aging of hard drive, over clocking of CPU cycles, exposure to over heat or moisture, banging or dropping hard drive, etc. You can hear clunking and grinding sound coming from Mac hard drive after physical damage
  • Volume Map Corruption: Volume map is a storage space that contains information about the Mac volumes like, size, name of the volume, number of volumes etc. If the volume map is corrupted,  the operating system does not let you boot the system and access data from Mac volumes
  • Sudden System shutdown: A sudden system shut down due to frequent power fluctuations or software conflicts forcefully closes the files that you were using, which may leads to corruption of file system
  • Other Reasosn: Accidental deletion of program files which are important to run disk drive results in hard drive failure. In addition, downloading applications from untrusted websites or surf the internet continuously can make your system to get infected with severe virus

Your Mac hard drive shows few symptoms in the form of error messages or exhibits unusal behavior before it completely gets crashed. For an instance, You may get an error message like “The disk is damaged. Are you sure you want to initialize?”, your Mac system freezes when you are in the middle of something or you may here clicking, scraping or buzzing sound from hard drive and so on. If you notice those symptoms carefully, you can take back up of your data before the disaster strikes.

But don’t worry if you did’nt notice the warnings and backup your data. After the crash of Mac, data is still there despite the fact that you cannot access them. This gives you another chance to get back your data with the help of data recovery software. But with a single mistake, the likelihood of retrieving data from crashed Mac hard disk can be blown away. Therefore, after your Mac hard drive has crashed, you should immediately turn it off to avoid further damage to drive and its data.

Features of Data Recovery Software

Yodot Mac Data Recovery software has been specially designed to retrieve lost data from crashed hard drive that is crashed for number of rasons. Other than desktop hard drives, it can recover data from crashed Mac laptop hard drives. So you can use this tool to get back data afrom MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and other Mac laptop models. Yodot data recovery software will come to rescue and restore your valuable data when your hard drive is crashed, failed to boot, volumes are refusing to mount, corrupted, formatted, etc. Moreover, you can successfully recover data from portable hard drive or USB drives by using this software on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard amd Lion machines.

Steps to do data recovery from crashed Mac hard drive

  • Disconnect crashed hard drive and connect to healthy Mac system
  • Now, download Yodot Mac Data Recovery software and install it to your computer
  • Run the software and begin the recovery process by following the instructions that are displayed on the screen
  • On the main screen, you can see two options which are “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”
  • Select the option “Volume Recovery” to continue, where software will now display all the drives present in your system
  • Select crashed hard drive and press “Next” to continue
  • On the next window, you can see all the files present in the drive you have selected
  • Mark the files that you want to recover by making use of two view types namely “File Type” and “Data Type”
  • At the end, browse the location and save recovered files


  • It is good to take the backup of important files when you see some error or warning messages
  • Shut down the system when you realized that the hard drive is crashed
  • Make use of any good antivirus software to scan the virus
  • If your hard disk has any problems like system freeze, sudden system shutdown etc, then do not avoid these warning

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