Data Recovery from HFSX Volume

You stored all your important data such as movies, videos, songs, pictures, documents, projects etc on your HFSX Volume. Few days before you found that some of your important files from your Volume were missing, you tried searching for those files but were not able to find them. You are very much frustrated because the files you lost were very important to you. What to do now? How to recover lost files from HFSX Volume? The solution is simple; you can use Mac data recovery software to retrieve those files back.

HFSX is one of the widely used and powerful file system supported by Mac OS X. Though HFSX is not as popular as HFS+ or HFS, it is still used in many Macintosh machines. However even these Volumes are not free from problems, there are several reasons due to which you lose files from HFSX volumes. Some of the prominent causes are explained below:

  • Corruption of HFSX Volume: File systems are very important for a Mac OS X machines, the HFSX Volume gets corrupted due to many reasons like file system damage, improper system termination, severe virus infections etc, making its inaccessible and eventually results in data loss
  • Volume Header Corruption: The Volume header stores all essential information such as Volume size, name of the Volume, number of Volumes etc. Hence any damage or corruption to these header file will result in huge amount of data loss
  • Catalog File Corruption: These files are used by file manager to store information about file hierarchy on Mac Volumes, so any corruption to catalog files leads to data loss on HFSX Volumes
  • Format: Formatting the HFSX Volume without taking its data backup or unintentionally formatting while doing some other task leads to complete file loss from the HFSX Volume
  •  Many Others: Other reasons include Mac OS crash, OS failure, improper use of Sudo command, Apple map corruption, power failure, deleting HFSX Volume by mistake, etc

Note: After such situations the right thing to do is stop using your HFSX Volume to store or save new data which will result in permanent data loss

Mac Data Recovery Software:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery application is among the popular data recovery software especially developed to restore data from Mac hard drives. The application is built using advance algorithms, which helps Mac users to restore their deleted / lost data from HFSX Volume in a safe and secure way. The best thing about using this software is that, it helps you recover files not only from HFSX but also from other Mac file system such as FAT, HFS and HFS+ file system. By using this tool, you can successfully perform data recovery from hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, FireWire drives, etc on Mac OS X machines.

HFSX volume data recovery procedure:

  • Download Yodot Mac Data Recovery software from the website and install the application to your Mac machine
  • Open the application and follow the main screen procedures
  • The main screen displays two options, “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” choose the option based on your data loss scenario
  • The software scans and shows all the Volumes present on your Macintosh, choose the HFSX Volume from where data is to be recovered
  • The application scans the selected HFSX Volume and displays all the recoverable data in Mac finder styled interface
  • Choose the files and folders, which you want to recover back and
  • Finally save the recovered files to your desired destination location, but not to the same HFSX Volume

Things to Remember:

  • Backup your important files before performing OS up gradation, reinstallation or format operation
  • Don’t install the software onto the same Volume from where data is to be recovered
  • Install and update your antivirus application to remove viruses from your system
  • Check for the contents in Trash Bin, before emptying it

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