How to Recover Files from 128GB Wi-Fi Kingston Wi-Drives?

“I bought a new Kingston Wi-Drive with 128GB storage capacity and Wi-Fi feature to backup files from my MacBook. While transferring files on to this Kingston Wi-drive from my MacBook, I suddenly disconnected it before completion of the process. Later, when I reconnected the drive, I learnt that the drive data is no more accessible. Could anyone please suggest me how to recover files from unresponsive 128GB Kingston Wi-Drive that isn’t showing any data present on it? Please help.”

Kingston Wi-Drive 128GB Wi-Fi is one of the latest models of external storage device for efficiently storing data from Mac computers and Notebooks at extreme ease. Its outstanding capacity, i.e. 128GB for storing data has increased its usage among various Mac and Windows computer users. The most attractive part of this Wi-Drive is its Wi-Fi functionality. By turning on the Wi-Fi, users can easily transfer files from any storage device to Kingston Wi-Drive. Kingston Wi-Drive 128GB Wi-Fi is an SSD type external storage device, hence it supports to save data from iOS and Android gadgets by downloading necessary software to connect with the devices. Also, users can access internet just by connecting to Kingston Wi-Drive using Wi-Fi. But, data on this Kingston 128 GB Wi-Fi Wi-Drive can be lost hopelessly in many uncomfortable situations. Most common reasons behind file loss from 128GB Kingston Wi-Drive Wi-Fi on Mac OS X:

  • Mishandling Wi-Drive: Since, same Kingston Wi-Drive can be used on different PCs, Tablets, iPads, iPhones, etc. chances of drive getting malfunctioned through wrong commands are more. Thus, data on this drive might become out of reach
  • Formatting Kingston Wi-Drive: Accidentally formatting the storage memory of 128GB Kingston Wi-Drive on Mac without holding its data backup can incur tremendous loss of entire data present on Kingston Wi-Drive
  • Virus/Malware Infection: One of the biggest threats to data present on Kingston Wi-Drive is virus or malware infection; because of which the drive gets corrupt and refuse to show any of its files
  • Other factors: While using Kingston Wi-Drive Wi-Fi on Mac computer irregularities of OS X can sometimes damage the drive, making all its data inaccessible. Further, unplanned deletion of essential data, drive error, etc. will also result in loss of files from Wi-Drive

If you have lost data from Kingston Wi-Drive storage device in any of above listed situations, then you must be in search of good data recovery program to restore files from Kingston Wi-Drive 128GB Wi-Fi on Mac. Hopefully, your search ends here; because here is the best recommended software known as Yodot Mac Data Recovery to retrieve files from various external storage drives including Kingston 128GB Wi-Drive.

Kingston Wi-Drive data recovery software:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is the best program to retrieve data from Kingston Wi-Drive after any severe data loss disaster. Also, the software can extract formatted and deleted data from Wi-Fi Kingston Wi-drive of various storage capacities. Apart from Kingston, the software is also capable of extracting data from external and internal hard drives manufactured from Seagate, WD, Toshiba, Hitachi, ADATA, Apple, etc. Other than external hard drives, one can even recover data from system hard drives, USB drives, FireWire drives, memory cards, iPods and storage devices. One can easily employ the demo version of this software on iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with OS X 10.6 and later versions to accomplish the task of data recovery from Kingston Wi-Fi Wi-Drive 128GB external storage device.

Procedural steps to recover data from Wi-Drive on Mac:

  • Connect your Kingston Wi-Drive Wi-Fi via USB to a healthy Mac computer
  • Download Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool onto this Mac machine and install it
  • Run the utility and wait for the main window to get displayed
  • Now, click on “Volume Recovery” option to extract lost, missing, inaccessible data from the drive
  • Else, click on “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option to restore formatted data
  • Next screen shows a list of drives associated with the Mac machine (both internal and external drives)
  • Select the externally connected drive that represents Kingston Wi-Drive from which data has to be retrieved
  • Then, mention the file types that you wish to restore or simply skip the step
  • Software scans entire drive and displays a list of restored files
  • Go through the files using Data View / File Type view options and select required files to save
  • Then target destination location on host computer drive and save those retrieved files

Valuable Tips:

  • Always secure complete backup of data from Kingston Wi-Drive to overcome unseen data loss
  • Make use of proper methods while moving files from Kingston Wi-Drive to other devices