MacBook Pro Recovery

“I have a MacBook Pro which is crashed recently due to OS failure. And, I lost a huge amount of data stored on that MacBook Pro Laptop. Is there any way to recover my files from MacBook Pro?”

Typically, you won’t be able to boot a crashed/failed MacBook Pro. This is the case where a large number of MacBook Pro users become victims of data loss.

But, have you ever think is there any way to make the MacBook Pro bootable rather than immediately recovering data from dead or crashed MacBook Pro? No? Then, read this story.

Instead of trying to restore files from MacBook Pro directly, check whether you can boot it in any way. For this, you can make a bootable USB drive and use it to start your MacBook Pro.

How to Boot the Dead/Crashed MacBook Pro Using Bootable USB Disk?

Step 1: First download the macOS installer from the App Store (close, if it opens automatically after download). Ensure macOS installer is present in the Applications folder.

Step 2: Mount a USB drive and open Mac Terminal.

Step 3: Type createinstallmedia and hit Enter key to create a bootable installer.

Step 4: Type below path depending on your OS version and press Enter button.

  • Sierra: /Applications/Install\ macOS\
  • El Capitan: /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\
  • Yosemite: /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\
  • Mavericks: /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\

Step 5: Now, insert this bootable USB disk and boot your dead MacBook Pro from USB.

Step 6: Backup entire data from MacBook Pro onto a safe drive.

If you can’t boot the MacBook Pro using above steps then, check at least, you have an updated backup of MacBook Pro data. In case, you don’t have backup also, then grab Yodot Mac Data Recovery straight away.

Yodot MacBook Pro Recovery Software:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery software is there to recover all files that have been deleted or lost from MacBook Pro. What it really does is, it thoroughly scans your Mac Volumes and recovers all the deleted, formatted and lost data from it. Not just dead or crashed MacBook Pro, even it can recover data from dead WD external hard drive, restore Samsung internal SSD data, get back files on Toshiba USB drive, restore files from Porsche Design hard drive and more i.e. it supports data recovery from any brand and type of storage device. It has many other interesting features as well which makes it useful enough to perform data recovery functions efficiently and effectively. In order to know much about its features and recovery steps, you can try its free trial version.

How to Recover Data from Crashed or Dead MacBook Pro?

First, download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software on a healthy Mac. Connect your MacBook Pro hard drive as a slave (secondary drive) to software installed computer.

Step 1: Run the tool and select Volume Recovery option.

Volumes Recovery

Step 2: Select the MacBook Pro drive when drives present in the system are shown.

Select Drive

Step 3: Next, choose all found volumes of MacBook Pro.

Choose Volumes

Step 4: Opt for Advanced Scan option.

Opt Scan Method

Step 5: Hit Skip button, let the tool starts scanning.

File Type to Scan

Step 6: Recovered data from MacBook Pro will be displayed in File Type View and Data View.

Data View File Type View

Step 7: Mark your required data and save them to a new drive.


Suggestions to Follow:

  • Before deleting or formatting any drive, make sure that you have backup of important files
  • After facing data loss from your MacBook Pro, do not save any new data into it

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