How to Restore Lost Data from Mac Mini?

Mac Mini is a first Macintosh desktop that does not include a keyboard and mouse. The desktop is instantaneously ready if you just connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse and turn it on. Mac Mini lets you run more applications at the same time and gives you better performance for 3D games or when you want to work with graphics-intensive tools. Mac Mini is the world’s most energy efficient desktop computer, because even today many people use utilize Mac Mini desktop to carry out their personal or business works.

Though Mac Mini is powerful system, it is vulnerable to data loss if anything happens to it beyond your control. That is why many users make sure that they have backup all their vital data, so that they need not worry when their Mac Mini system crashes or they do something that would result in loss of precious data from Mac Mini. But in case if the backup is not updated and the files that they want is not present in backup, they might face huge data loss. Under such condition, Mac data recovery comes for their help.

What are causes for data loss from Mac Mini desktop?

  • Re-formatting: In order to get better enhancement, sometimes it’s necessary to change file system of Mac volume from older to newer version for example from HFS to HFS+ file system. But errors during the file systems conversion or improper reformatting  process can lead to loss of data and corruption of re-formatted volume
  • Re-partitioning: -re-partitioning of Mac Mini hard drive can be done using “Disk Utility” when the size of an existing volume needs to be changed or a new volume needs to be created. Lack of knowledge on re-partitioning Mac Mini hard drive might corrupt the existing volumes and makes it data inaccessible
  • Virus Interference: Even though Mac computers are virus free, some dangerous viruses can break in to your Mac Mini hard drive when you download any unreliable software containing virus/other threats. Viruses spreads to the whole Mac Mini desktop and can result in corruption of hard drive or important system files necessary for working of system
  • Data Retrieval from Mac Mini

You should avoid saving new data to Mac Mini hard drive after losing data from Mac Mini Desktop due to any of the above mentioned causes. Then make use of good retrieval tool like Yodot Mac Data Recovery software to safely scan and rescue your lost or inaccessible data from volumes on Mac Mini hard drive. This tool gives best way to get back data from lost, formatted, reformatted, corrupted or inaccessible Mac Mini hard disk. It supports all latest versions of Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion operating systems. This software checks the affected storage media and scans it for recovering different files from it without damaging data during the recovery process. It is skilled in retrieving data from MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptop hard drives and supported external hard drives for Mac OS.

Working of the software

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software to your computer
  • Choose “Volumes Recovery” option from the main window, in order to recover lost data from lost/deleted volumes, corrupted or crashed Mac Mini hard drive
  • Select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” to recover files from formatted or reformatted volumes
  • The software will display the physical disks that are present, so choose the slave drive (Mac Mini hard drive) from which data is to be recovered
  • As you proceed further, the next window displays all the volumes / partitions that are present in the selected hard drive before re-installation
  • Choose the one that holds your important files
  • From the next window, you may choose desired file type that you need to recover or select “Mark All” option
  • Choose the files with the help of distinct view types, so that unwanted files can be avoided and disk space can be saved
  • Preview the recovered files to estimate the recovery results
  • Store the recovered files to desired location or drive, you may also compress them before saving
  • You may use “Save Recovery session” option for saving the scan session. After purchasing the product, you can use “Open Recovery Session” option to continue saving files without re-scanning your drive again.

Helpful Tips

  • Don’t save your recovered files back to your same Mc Mini hard drive because it results in overwriting
  • Avoid adding any new data to your Mac Mini hard drive after data loss situation
  • See that you backup important files once in a week or two