How to Retrieve Data from Plextor M5P SSD?

M5P is an award winning series of Plextor SSD that most of the users prefer to choose among solid state drives. This drive is an excellent choice as external hard drive, because it can hoard data up to 512GB within light weighted compact design. Plextor M5P performs ultra fast read and write operations with 540mbps and 470mbps speed respectively. M5P solid state drive provides maximum working hours when compared to other SSDs by consuming very little power and can be used as both internal as well as external storage device with lightning speed performance. Nevertheless, data on Plextor M5P SSD can be lost in number of ways.

There are few scenarios for losing data from Plextor M5P SSD as given below:

  • Performing unintentional formatting/reformatting of the M5P solid state drive is an serious issue as it erases entire data on drive
  • Entry of malicious viruses to Plextor M5P solid state drive can affect its file structure and cause problems like inaccessibility of files on drive, corruption of SSD partitions, etc.
  • Erasing any important data instead of unwanted files from Plextor M5P SSD using Terminal on Mac will also remove those files completely
  • Corruption of catalog file and Apple Partition Map damage can lead to loss of files from Plextor M5P SSD
  • Additional factors like abrupt system termination, improper file transfer from M5P SSD to other storage devices, use of third party applications on the drive, antivirus scan etc, can also become reasons for data loss from Plextor SSD M5P SSD

    Usually, when any file is lost from storage device like Plextor M5P SSD, it is not completely erased or lost. The file is just made invisible to the OS by eliminating the registry entries of that file from file allocation table. Hence, quick action at times of data loss can save your vital data before its gets overwritten with new file content. Soon after facing any data loss, stop using the drive for further data storage and make use of relevant data recovery tool for Mac platform.

Here is the best utility to retrieve Plextor M5P SSD lost data:

According to many professional industry experts, Yodot Mac Data Recovery can perform ultimate recovery of deleted and lost files from Plextor SSD M5P HD with ease. This tool can extract all types of files like Office documents, program files, executable files and other user data from internal as well as external solid state drives having HFS, HFS+ and FAT file systems. You can implement this software on Mac machine with Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion OS X versions.

Steps to use this excellent drive recovery tool:

  • Download Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool on any Mac machine
  • Connect your Plextor M5P SSD to this Mac machine and run the software
  • In the main screen,select either “Volume Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option based on data loss scenario
  • Then, in the upcoming list of drives, select the one representing your Plextor M5P SSD and click next
  • Software scans entire drive and displays a list of restored files
  • Go through the file using Data View / File Type view and select required files to save
  • Then target destination location on host computer and save the retrieved files

Important Note:

  • Do not terminate Mac systems abruptly while performing any data activities from Plextor SSD
  • Maintain proper backup of necessary data from Plextor M5P SSD on other storage devices
  • Avoid mishandling the external SSD while using it on Mac machine

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