Recover Data from ProBox USB 2.0 Portable Enclosure

“I use ProBox USB 2.0 Portable hard drive Enclosure to backup various important personal folders from my Mac machine. Today when I connected this drive onto my Mac to transfer few files from it, an error popped up stating that the drive is corrupt and cannot be accessed. All the files on this drive are very important and I am out of other backup resources. Is it possible to restore data from ProBox USB 2.0 Portable Enclosure in any way?”

Mac users make use of various external hard drives to backup important data on it. One such removable drive is ProBox USB 2.0 Portable hard drive Enclosure. This enclosure supports use of 2.5 inch SATA external HDD in it and provides data transfer rate of about 480 Mbps. It has On/Off switch and safe casing to prevent physical damage to the drive. This Portable 2.5 inch SATA enclosure can be utilized on various Mac and Windows OS based computers as it supports both platforms. However, it is fact that no device is completely safe from data loss, users face loss of data even from ProBox USB 2.0 Portable Enclosure.

Common scenarios for losing data from ProBox Portable Enclosure are:

  • Abruptly removing ProBox Portable Enclosure from system or turning off the power switch on the drive while accessing files from it might cause loss of files that are being accessed
  • Connecting the same drive on multiple operating systems may cause damage to the drive’s file system and thus causes data inaccessibility
  • Unintentionally erasing files from ProBox portable drive when it is connected on Mac system using Mac Terminal will also cause permanent loss of files
  • Hardware issues, improper process of file transfer from/to the drive, malware attack, etc. can all result in loss of files saved on the drive

When data from ProBox USB 2.0 SATA Portable drive enclosure is lost, then stop using the drive for any read / write processes. This is because, even after permanent deletion or loss of files from removable drive, data can be recovered with the help of effective restoration program. Missing or erased data will be still intact on the drive until new data is saved to that memory location. So by avoiding overwriting of data, things can be made normal again.

Best software to extract data from ProBox Portable USB 2.0 Enclosure:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery would be the best solution in recovering data from external hard drives like ProBox USB 2.0 Portable Enclosure on Mac OS X. This utility is proficiently designed with powerful scanning techniques that brilliantly scan the drive for lost and erased data in shorter time. The program can be used to retrieve data not only from ProBox Portable Enclosure with SATA interface, but also from different external hard drive manufactured by Seagate, Hitachi, Buffalo, Toshiba, Western Digital, etc. This external drive recovery tool can also find lost data from Mac hard drives, memory cards, iPods, USB drives and other storage media on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion operating systems.

Steps for recovery data from of ProBox USB 2.0 Portable Enclosure:

  • Connect your ProBox USB 2.0 Portable Enclosure to a healthy Mac system
  • Download Yodot Mac Data Recovery software onto that system and install it
  • In the main screen select “Volume Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted recovery” option and click next
  • Next, software provides a list of volumes present on Mac system
  • Select the volume that represents ProBox Portable Enclosure connected externally to the system
  • By clicking next, tool starts to scan the drive for lost data and status of the scanning process will be seen in progress bar
  • Upcoming window provides all recovered files from the drive
  • Preview your files using Data view / File Type view options
  • Then, select required files to save, target destination location on system and click on ‘Save’

Things to remember:

  • Try to posses multiple backup of external hard drive data on other devices
  • Keep track of irregularities in the working of ProBox hard drive to avoid data disasters