Data Recovery from Repartitioned Mac Hard Drive

Repartitioning a hard drive isn’t an easy process. It requires more attention because if any interruption during repartition process can result in data loss from Mac hard drive. Some of the reasons due to which repartition process might get halt and results in data loss are power failure, hardware error, improper termination of the repartition process, etc. So, you need to be careful. However, even after being careful, if you still end up losing data from Mac hard disk while repartitioning, then don’t lose hope because there are many ways using which you can get back your lost data from repartitioned mac drive.

Method #1: Time Machine Backup

Time Machine backs up entire Mac data which can be restored easily if you lose files from Mac due to any unpredictable situation. In case, you have Time Machine backup, then do as follows to restore your files that are lost after repartitioning.

  • Open Time Machine either from clicking icon present in the Dock or searching it through Spotlight
  • Then, use up and down arrows to locate specific files that you want to recover
  • Once you spot file, use Space Bar to view it
  • Next, select the file and hit Restore button to get it back

Method #2: Data Recovery Software

There are data recovery utilities, which are specially designed to help you get back data from Mac hard drive lost due to any cause. Yodot Mac Data Recovery is one such exceptional Mac data recovery utility to rescue your valuable data from repartitioned Mac hard drive. The tool is specially built to restore files from Mac hard disk after operations like repartition, formatting, OS upgradation, OS reinstallation, OS crash and many more which results in data loss. Using the tool, you will be able to get back lost files and folders from Mac laptop hard drives like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc. This software has the ability to perform data recovery from all other storage devices such as external hard disk, memory cards, iPods, music players, USB drives, etc. on Mac OS X machines.

Step-by-step Guide to Recover Data Lost after Partitioning Mac Hard Drive -

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software
  • Run the application and follow the steps shown below
  • Click on “Volume Recovery” option to recover data after repartition
  • The software scans and displays your physical hard disk drive, select the physical drive and click on “Next”
  • In the next step, the tool displays all the Volumes found from the selected physical drive
  • Choose the Volume from where your file has to be recovered
  • The application repeats the scanning process and shows all the recoverable files from it
  • Preview the files before saving
  • Finally, save your recovered files to storage location which you prefer, but the destination location should not be the same as the source location

“Disk Utility” is a built-in Mac application, which is very helpful in testing, repairing, diagnosing and resolving Mac hard drive errors. This tool can also be used for repartitioning purpose, the procedure for repartitioning Mac hard disk is given below:


  • Backup your important data using Time Machine backup, before performing the repartition tasks
  • Be careful while repartitioning Mac drive because a small mistake committed during repartition process may result in data loss
  • After data loss mishap, it is highly recommended to stop using your Mac hard disk drive

Read Here to Know More About Repartitioning Mac Hard Drive:

Partitioning your Mac hard drive has many advantages; it is one of the best ways to separate different forms of data and is particularly useful if you want to run multiple operating systems such as Linux or Windows on it. So if you are one such Mac users who need to repartition your current Mac hard drive, then read this article and find out more about repartitioning and the problems that may occur during the process.

Steps to Repartition Mac Hard Drive-

“Disk Utility” is a built-in Mac application, which is very helpful for testing, repairing, diagnosing and resolving Mac hard drive errors. This tool can also be used for repartitioning purpose, the procedure for repartitioning Mac hard disk is given below:

  • Step 1: Go to Applications -> Utilities and then open “Disk Utility”
  • Step 2: The main window displays the lists of storage devices, in your case, it shows your internal Mac hard disk drive and other connected devices
  • Step 3: From the list, choose the hard drive that you want to repartition and click on “Partition” button. The partition details of the selected hard drive will be displayed
  • Step 4: To repartition the selected hard disk, enter a new value in the Size box (OR) you can simply drag the corner of the partition box to reduce its size
  • Step 5: If you want to add any new partition, you can click on the + button at the bottom of the Volume Scheme
  • Step 6: To rename your new partition, simply enter a new name in the Name box
  • Step 7: At last, click the “Apply” button, a dialog box pops up confirming whether you want to add new partition and resize the existing one
  • Step 8: Wait till the hard disk is verified and the necessary changes are made
  • Step 9: After completion, you will be able to see your existing and the new Volumes in your finder window sidebar

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