Data Recovery from Western Digital My Passport

“I have accidentally formatted my WD Passport external hard drive from HFS to HFS+ without keeping its backup. Is there any suggestion that help me to get all the data from it?”

If you are the one who has lost data in same way and in search of a suitable solution to recover data from Western Digital My Passport external hard drive on Mac system. Don't panic! As long as you don’t save new data to your WD hard drive, you can still restore your deleted stuff without facing any difficulties.

Nowadays WD My Passport portable hard drive has become more and more popular for businessmen and general PC users for its mini size and as well as huge data storage capability. WD hard drive is a good choice for backup important data and can be easily carried anywhere with you. But, files like important documents or photos present in it can be lost due to human or technical errors. However, when your precious data is lost, it is necessary to know what could have caused it so that next time you will be careful while using the device.

Here are a few reasons that lead to the loss of data from your WD external hard drive:

  • Format Errors: Sometimes when you connect your WD drive to the Mac machine, a dialogue box would appear that shows a message: "The drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" Under this situation, if you click "No", the files remain inaccessible on your WD drive. On the other hand, if you click "Yes", of course drive will be free of format errors or corruption but you will lose all the files stored on your Western Digital My Passport external hard drive
  • Virus Infections: Viruses may transfer into your WD hard drive if you connect it to the Mac machine that is virus infected. Few common ways through which a virus can enter your system are downloading files from the Internet, connecting a virus infected external storage media, attaching virus infected emails etc. The virus infections not only make your files inaccessible but also slow down your system’s performance and corrupt your entire WD external hard drive.
  • File Loss While Transferring: Sometimes, using “CUT” and “PASTE” commands for transferring files from WD hard drive to your computer causes data loss. Also you may encounter a loss of files due to sudden power surges, uncertain system shutdown and removal of WD My Passport when file transfer is taking place.
  • Accidental Deletion of Files: Without paying much attention you might accidentally delete some of the files from your WD MY Passport external hard drive. Since files deleted from any external device does not get stored in Trash Bin, you cannot find such deleted files in Trash even if you want to restore those files back

Many users regret after losing files from their WD My Passport external hard drive. Keeping a backup of important data is the best way to get back your lost data. However when there is no backup, you have to take the help of a expert data recovery software to restore files and folders from WD portable hard drive. But it is important that when a data loss issue has occurred and you intend to recover files, you do not unnecessarily access your external hard drive.

Brief introduction about the software

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is easy yet powerful data recovery software which does complete data recovery. It does not matter how did you lose your data, until and unless the lost data is not overwritten on WD My Passport drive, chances of recovery from your data can be very high if you take the right measures and act as fast as possible. This tool is specialized in data recovery from Western Digital hard drives including laptop, desktop, notebook, external/portable hard drives. It also supports data recovery from Western Digital drives including My Book, Caviar etc. This software is compatible with all the Mac versions including latest OS X Mountain Lion.

Recovery Steps

  • Connect WD hard drive to your Mac machine
  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software to start the recovery process
  • Run the software and begin the recovery process by following the steps that are mentioned on the screen
  • As soon as the main screen displays, you can see two options they are “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”
  • Select any one out of the two to continue
  • The software will scan and display all the drives present in your system. You can even see external WD My Passport drive.
  • Now choose your external drive i.e. WD hard drive to continue
  • The application starts scanning now and displays all the files that are present in the drive that have been selected
  • Now, select from the list of files that needs to be recovered by making use of two view types  i.e. “File Type” and “Data Type”
  • Use the “Preview” option, in order to view the files before saving them
  • Select the desired location to store the recovered files. But it should not be the same from where you are recovering


  • While disconnecting your WD external hard drive from Mac machine remember to click on the option “Eject”
  • Do not remove WD My Passport external hard drive during the transmission process
  • Do not format WD portable hard drive without keeping its backup
  • Make use of any good antivirus software to scan your Mac machine