Retrieve Partition on Mac Lion OS X

“Recently my Mac Lion hard disk reduced the computer speed as the volumes got full. To optimize Mac Lion partition, I thought to extend its size using Disk Utility. To my bad luck, I erased the important partition instead of extending it. The deleted volume consists of many vital info on it and I am badly in need of that drive back, how to restore it from Mac Lion OS X?”

Apple Mac Lion has many unique features like high storage capacity, multiple tasking, efficient power backup, reliable performance and many such things. However, user may come across various situation due to unknown reasons, which leads to data loss. Usually user will not have idea on how to regain data from erased or damaged volumes. To aid such nontechnical user, here is easy suggestion to recover Mac Lion volume data easily.

Some causes where Lion partition go missing or removed are listed below:

  • If there is bad sectors on Mac Lion hard disk then your system may sometimes freeze and further usage of drive may damage it more causing boot failure
  • Occurrence of any corruption to catalog file can lead to huge data loss from Mac Lion OS
  • Unexpected errors like disk error, segment loader error, internal file system error corrupts Apple Lion disk rendering severe data loss
  • When Mac Lion OS displays any error due to incorrect format process then entire volumes will format forcefully by wiping the data
  • Improper installation of Lion OS might result in removal of partition from Mac machine
  • Interruption while toggling file system of Mac Lion drive from FAT to HFS / HFS+ or vice versa can corrupt the drive causing data inaccessibility

Mac Lion volume recovery tool:

User can get back entire data from Mac Lion OS X hard disk with the utilization of Yodot Mac Data Recovery program. It has recovery algorithm that can scan and get back files from formatted, reformatted, inaccessible or corrupted Mac Lion partition. Apart from Macintosh hard disk, it can restore data from portable hard drive, memory card, flash drives, FireWire drive, SSD drives, etc. with FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, HFSX and HFS file system. With the utilization of appropriate file signature scan user can rescue specific file types successfully with few simple mouse clicks. This program can rescue data from Apple Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Mac Pro. Addition to Lion OS, it helps to recover data from Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite operating systems without any issues. In demo version of this software, user can know all steps that have to be followed to restore information from Macintosh computer.

Steps to restore partition on Mac Lion:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery program by logging in as office administrator
  • After completion of installation process, launch the software by clicking on shortcut icon that is available on desktop screen
  • In main screen you can observe two options like 'Volume Recovery' and 'Formatted / Reformatted Recovery'
  • Opt for required option and proceed to next screen
  • After selection, the tool will show all the drives present in Mac Lion OS
  • Now select the volume from where you lost the data
  • Next screen will display two scanning techniques such as 'Normal Scan' and 'Smart Scan'
  • Select either of the option and proceed next
  • Then choose the file type you need to recover or simply 'Skip' it
  • Software starts to scan and displays all retrieved data
  • Preview the files before saving them to respective destination location

Important Tips:

  • Follow proper steps to shut down your Mac Lion OS X
  • Take back up of important files in separate portable drive on regular basis
  • After removing data from Mac drive do not save any new information on it

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