Data Recovery from Encrypted Volume

“Please help!! I have accidentally erased an encrypted volume while trying to resize it on my Mac machine. I had secured all my important files in this volume and I welcomed a big trouble by deleting it accidentally. Can anyone please suggest me a good solution to get back m encrypted volume on Mac? Thanks in advance.”

Volume on a Mac drive is an independent logical partition that stores all varieties of files. There can be any number of volumes on Mac drive, formatted with vivid file systems operating unaffected by each other. However, users can separately preserve their personal or most crucial files in a volume by providing security code for it and such volumes are treated as password protected / encrypted volumes.

Encrypting a volume on Mac system is the best used method to prevent very crucial files from being accessed by other users. By providing a password to the volume that is holding all your vital data, you can deny its access to other users and preserve all your important information safely. But, many times users undergo various situations wherein they unintentionally lose important encrypted volume on their Mac machines and suffer from severe data loss

Some of the commonly seen scenarios of losing encrypted volumes are:

  • While repartitioning the Mac drive, user may unexpectedly erase any encrypted volume
  • Making use of third party applications to create encrypted volume on Mac can sometimes lead to inaccessibility of that volume
  • While transferring encrypted volume data from system drive to external hard drive or vice versa, occurrence of interruptions like power surge, removal of external storage drive, etc, can also result to loss of that volume
  • Unknown damage to encrypted volume like header corruption, file system corruption, presence of bad sectors on hard drive where encrypted volume is located, etc. can lead to inaccessibility of important data in it

When an encrypted volume from Mac system goes missing or erased, then first and foremost, check for backup in Time Machine. If you are lucky, then you might get back lost password protected volume. If not then, make use of excellent Mac data recovery tool to retrieve that encrypted volume data.

Best program to regain lost / deleted encrypted volume on Mac:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is the best application to bring back all files from encrypted volume after accidental deletion or any other mishaps. This tool is excellently developed by professional data recovery experts to scan hard drive of Mac system to retrieve various files, folders as well as volumes with ease. Also, the software can restore data from formatted, failed, corrupted or unbootable Mac hard drives and external hard drives effortlessly. User can employ this tool on Mac computers running with Mac Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion versions of operating systems.

Steps to retrieve encrypted volume on Mac:

  • Download Yodot Mac Data Recovery software to a Mac machine (Recommended to download the software on new Mac system rather than on the one from which volume is lost)
  • Install and launch the tool by following given instructions
  • In the main screen, click on Volume Recovery option to recover encrypted volume that is deleted or lost from Mac drive
  • After clicking next, select the drive from which password protected volume has to be restored back
  • Software performs a scan of selected drive and shows all the volumes on it
  • Select encrypted volume from the list of displayed volumes and proceed next
  • Software completely scans the volume and finds all restorable files on it
  • Go through the listing of retrievable files in Data view / File Type view
  • Give target location to save these recovered files from encrypted volume and click on Save button

Important Note:

  • Do not perform unnecessary partitioning process on Mac drive that might lead to loss or deletion of existing volume
  • Always have multiple backups of important data on external storage devices

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