Get Back Lost Volumes from Mac Hard Drive

Mac hard disk is logically separated into multiple storage units generally referred as Volumes. These Mac volumes help to manage, store, access and maintain data accordingly. It takes more time to search a file on your Mac hard drive when it has huge data and it is not partitioned. But if you have saved the file in particular volume, then you would just have to look within that small logical space. Apart from managing data in a well-organized way, creating volumes on Mac hard drive helps to install multiple operating systems.

However, have you ever had a thought that what happens when you lose any of Volume from Mac HDD without your knowledge? It is understandable that the idea of losing a Mac volume itself is terrifying. But, several users encountered this problem.

How Volumes from Mac Hard Drive Go Missing?

Mac volumes may go missing or get lost due to several reasons like,

1. Corrupted/Damaged Mac Directory Structure: Directory structure helps to locate correct bits on the drive which provides requested files. Hard restarts, power outages or system crashes are the general causes that damage or corrupts Mac directory structure. If the Volume directory structure gets affected, it results in serious data loss problems. In certain situations, the entire Volume of your Mac disk becomes inaccessible resulting in data loss.

2. Volume Header Corruption: The Volume header holds essential information of each Volumes present on Mac hard disk. If Volume header on Mac gets corrupt due to any reason, then Volume may go missing from Mac hard drive or entire data stored on the volume becomes inaccessible.

3. Re-partitioning Mac Hard Drive: Improper usage of the Disk utility to resize existing Volumes on Mac hard drive or errors appeared during the re-partitioning process may result in loss of Volume from Mac hard drive.

4. Other Factors: The Volume from your Mac computer may get lost due to catalog file corruption, RAW file system, while reinstalling more than one operating system, etc.

Is It Possible to Recover Lost Volumes on Mac?

Earlier, it was little difficult to recover Volumes that are lost from Mac hard drive. However, it is very simple to restore files and folders from lost Mac Volume now by using an efficient recovery software. Yodot Mac Data Recovery is one such excellent software that can be used to rescue your data from lost Mac volumes. With the assistance of this software, you can successfully restore entire Volume data without missing a single file. It supports recovery of data from HFS, HFS+, and HFSX formatted Mac Volumes. You can check the efficiency of this software and its recovery results by downloading its free trial version. After the recovery process, you can view the list of files that are restored from the lost volume. You can also find any specific file using Signature Search option provided in the tool. This tool allows you to save the recovery session that you can resume after obtaining the full version. Moreover, excellent technical guidance is available to ease the volume recovery process.

How to Recover Lost Volumes on Mac?

Step 1: Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool (not on the drive from where you lost volume).

Step 2: Connect the Mac drive which holds lost volume.

Step 3: Run the software and choose Volumes Recovery option from the main window.

Step 4: Select the Mac drive (externally connected drive) from where you need to restore lost volume.

Step 5: Choose your lost volume from the displayed list.

Step 6: After the quick scan the tool shows entire data present in lost volume.

Step 7: Select required files or use Mark All option to restore all files from the lost volume.

Step 8: Save recovered files from the lost volume on desired location (not on source drive).


  • Never use any third party software to edit Mac volume header
  • Don’t try to resize Volumes without proper knowledge on re-partitioning Mac volume
  • Ensure you have a complete backup, before formatting any Volume on Mac

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