How to Recover Data from Mac Hard Drive?

Updated on February 20, 2020

Encountering data loss on hard disk drives in these days is quite common and your Mac system is not exempted from this. Yes, being the most reliable operating system, even Mac OS X is not free from data loss on the hard drives linked up with their Mac machines.

And, Here Are the Most Common Data Loss Scenarios Occurring on Mac Hard Drives:

1. Accidental Deletion

  • Moving files or folders on Mac hard drive to Trash Bin
  • Using Command + Shift + Delete to erase data on Mac hard disk
  • Emptying Trash Bin

2. Formatting Action

  • Accidentally formatting the Mac hard drive
  • Formatting Mac hard disk when resizing volumes/disk
  • Facing format errors like hard drive not formatted, need to format hard drive etc.

3. Partition Loss/Deletion

  • Accidentally deleting volumes on Mac hard drive
  • Volumes become hidden or inaccessible
  • Volumes missing due to unknown reasons

4. Others

  • Losing data from Mac hard drive after reinstalling or upgrading OS
  • Files and folders on Mac hard drive became inaccessible due to virus attack
  • Losing Mac hard disk data due to disk or file system corruption/error

How to Restore Lost or Deleted Data from Mac Hard Drive?

If you have enabled Time Machine on your Mac, then it will automatically backup your Mac hard drive data on a regular basis (based on specified time interval). And, you can easily recover your lost or deleted from Mac hard drive using the latest backup created by this Time Machine.

So, here is how to Restore Lost or Deleted Data from Mac Hard Drive Using Time Machine.

Step 1: Connect the Time Machine backup drive to your Mac.

Step 2: Click on the Time Machine icon present in the dock menu.

Step 3: Choose Enter Time Machine and open your required backup copy.

Step 4: Select files which you want to restore, Preview and Restore the files.

It’s human nature to search for solutions only when he meets the problem, instead of taking precautions. Likewise, it’s told to people every time that back up your important data. But, in reality, the backup advice is something like that usually come to pass when the worst has happened.

So, most of the computer users lack proper backup when they meet data loss disasters. So, if you are the one who has no backup of Mac hard drive data but, unfortunately, lost or deleted important or whole data from Mac drive, then you are at right place.

And, to solve the above problem, you should make use of Yodot Mac Data Recovery software to restore your Mac hard drive data successfully. Not only from Mac hard drive, by using this utility you can even recover files from iPod hard drive.

Yodot Data Recovery Software for Mac to Recover Mac Hard Drive Data:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery software contains unbelievable features that will help you to restore data from Mac hard disk. It can extract all data types such as photos, MS Office documents, compressed archives, PDF, library files, download folders, etc. It can recover 300 different types of file formats. Also, this application will help you to retrieve data from crashed, failed, dead, the non-booting and formatted volume of Mac hard disk. In addition to the internal hard drive, it can do external hard drive data recovery on Mac OS X like Maxell, LaCie Rugged Mini drive, Iomega Western Digital, etc. on all versions of Mac OS X such as Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, EI Capitan, Sierra. To avoid scanning time, it is providing with two different scanning options like Volume Recovery and Formatted/Reformatted Recovery, by using them you can speed up your data recovery.

Note: Using Yodot software for Windows you can easily recover files from Windows hard drive by plugging the drive on to a Windows PC or laptop.

Before You Start Recovering: Once you notice that your files has been lost or deleted from your Mac drive, immediately stop using the drive to avoid overwriting of the files. If the memory space on the drive that was occupied by the files that are lost or deleted is overwritten with new files, then it's highly impossible to recover them back.

How to Recover Mac Hard Drive Data with Yodot?

Step 1: Connect your Mac hard drive to a healthy Mac system, if it is not working completely. Then, run Yodot Mac Data Recovery software on the Mac system.

Step 2: Click on Volume Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Recovery button, based on your Mac hard drive data loss scenario.

Main Screen

Step 3: Next, select the Mac hard drive from which you need to recover data and along with all its found volumes.

Select Mac Hard Drive

Step 4: Select File Types to recover from the shown list (You can Skip this step if not required).

Select File Types to Recover from Mac Hard Drive

Step 5: The tool will start scanning the selected Mac hard drive and shows recovered files.

Recovered Data from Mac Hard Drive

Step 6: Preview recovered files and Save them to the desired location other than source location (the Mac hard drive from where they are recovered).

Save Recovered Data


  • Immediately stop saving new files on Mac hard drive once you lose/delete data from it
  • Feel free to contact 24x7 technical support team of Yodot for any kind of queries

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