How to Recover Data from MacBook?

Nowadays, more and more people are shifting to Mac platform because of the fantastic aspects it offers like reliable sleep mode, extremely fast boot times and other excellent features.

Where the MacBook is a brand of notebook computers developed by Apple Inc. which has gained admiration in a short interval of time, due to its sleek design, unique storage mechanism, excellent performance etc.

Despite the fact that MacBook has better and attractive features when compared to other brands of laptop, MacBook users still go through various situations where they may end up in losing or deleting important or entire data from MacBook.

You might experience data loss/deletion from MacBook due to various reasons. Let us see few here:

  • Formatting wrong partition or accidentally formatting MacBook drive
  • Catalog file holds information of various files present on MacBook along with their respective location on the partition. Corruption/damage of that catalog record makes the MacBook partition unreadable hence data inaccessible
  • Due to improperly re-partitioning the MacBook hard drive you may end up losing files
  • When MacBook volume is corrupted due to its header damage, the volume fails to mount and your data would be lost
  • Failure of Master Boot Record (MBR) can crash your MacBook SSD and thus you cannot access the partitions present on it
  • Severe virus infection to the MacBook hard drive will result in drive failure, hence data loss
  • Aging of MacBook hard drive, accumulation of bad sectors, journal corruption, etc. may eventually render hard disk crash or failure and lead to data loss on MacBook

How to solve the problem of restoring deleted or lost data in MacBook? The best choice is turning to a reliable MacBook data recovery tool that is compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air etc. to restore lost or deleted files without damaging the Mac system.

Perfect MacBook Data Recovery Software:

No need to waste your precious time in finding a suitable MacBook Data Recovery program. Just try the professional Mac Data Recovery program- Yodot Mac Data Recovery to recover data from MacBook effortlessly.

This is the most reliable, eminent and proficient software to recover data from MacBook hard drive. The tool is made up of powerful recovery algorithms that are able to scan and bring back lost or deleted files from all types of MacBook hard drives on Mac OS X. This MacBook data recovery tool can perfectly restore data from damaged, corrupted, dead hard drives of MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, and more. You can try this software to restore files from HFS, HFS+ and FAT drives/volumes on all major versions of Mac OS X including Sierra.

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Data from MacBook?

Step 1: Run Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool on your MacBook from which you need to recover data (don’t install the software on the volume on which you want to perform data recovery).

Step 2: Click on Partition Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Recovery option based on your MacBook data loss or deletion scenario.

Main Screen

Step 3: In the next window, select the MacBook drive from which your data has to be restored.

Select MacBook Drive

Step 4: Next, choose all found volumes from the selected MacBook drive and start the data recovery process.

Select Volumes

Step 5: After completion of the scanning process, view restored data from the MacBook either in Data View or File Types View.

Recovered Data from MacBook

Step 6: Select your required files in the list of recovered data from MacBook and Preview them. Finally, Save recovered files on new volume/drive. (It is not suggested to save recovered files to the same volume).

Save Recovered Data

Key Points to Remember:

  • Backup your important files from MacBook onto a separate, safe external storage device on a regular basis
  • Do not save any new file or edit existing data on MacBook, once you lose or delete files from it

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