How to Solve Error Mac Can't Repair External Hard Drive?

“Hi, I am getting the error “unable to repair the disk” when I connect my external hard drive to Mac machine (I used to access that drive in my Windows PC also). How do I get over this error?”

Why OS X says that it needs to repair the disk?

MAC OS might have issue in accessing your external drive because of file system dissimilarity, since you were using it on Windows platform previously.

How to resolve this error?

  • Check whether the external hard drive is formatted with Mac supportive file system
  • Try to access that drive on other Mac machines
  • Connect the drive to Windows computer and try to access it

If you again face the same problem or the external drive’s file system is not supportive to Mac then you can reformat that external disk and assign it OS X compatible file system. But you have to copy entire files from that erroneous drive and save it on safe location in order to avoid data loss.

Now you might be thinking how to copy data when external hard drive not recognized on Mac system because of this error. But don’t worry. Every problem has a solution. Using a result oriented and trustworthy process you can effortlessly accomplish data recovery on your external hard disk.

Here is a step by step guidance to get back files from external drive:

  • Connect the external hard disk to your Macintosh
  • Install and run Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool using Download Now key present here
  • Choose Volumes Recovery and select attached drive
  • Select Standard Scan option, go Next and click on Skip button
  • Mark files which you need to restore from drive in File Types View or Data View
  • Preview recovered data and save them on your system hard drive

Know about external drive recovery tool:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is a reliable, effective and easy to handle application that helps in preventing your data from being lost. The tool aids you to carry-out actions like damaged external hard drive recovery Mac, retrieve corrupted drive data, recover formatted disk files, restore inaccessible data from hard drives etc. The program is capable of recovering various types of files like photos, video, audio, office etc from external disks on all versions of Mac OS X operating machines. The product has great technical assistance team to guide and make data restoration process unproblematic. The simpler and smarter UI of software can perform retrieval of files in stipulated time frame. Moreover, the application works on all storage media like internal drive, storage card, flash drive, firewire drive etc without any glitch.

Keynote for using same external drive on multiple platforms:

  • Since Mac and Windows OS uses different file systems, it is suggested to format your external drive with exFAT to make it work on both platforms and to avoid these sorts of issues in future