Restore SDD Partition on Mountain Lion

“Today morning I thought to resize SSD partition on Mountain Lion system. So, with the help of standard user guide I have proceeded with resizing of SSD partition. But, while running Disk Utility, instead of selecting ‘Sink Volume’ option I accidentally clicked on ‘Delete Volume’ option listed in menu. This has deleted complete SSD partition as well as respective files and folder resides in Mountain Lion computer. Please help me in restoring deleted SSD partition on Mac system running with Mountain Lion OS!”

Even though Mac Mountain Lion system users are very careful before proceeding with complex operation like resizing partition on it SSD drive, they may face unforeseen deletion of partition as mentioned in above specified scenario. SSD partition might even go missing or get removed due to some other reasons such as:

  • Inaccurate way of repartitioning existing SSD volumes on Mountain Lion system can results in loss of related partition
  • Using unknown or invalid applications to perform various operation like shrinking/resizing/ repartitioning in SSD partitions on Mountain Lion can also responsible for partition loss
  • Deleting unintended SSD partitions while removing unused partition on Mountain Lion computer can erase essential data from respective volume
  • Due to Partition Table Map crash on Mountain Lion solid state drive, respective volumes might become unreadable

Fortunately, you can recover deleted or missing Mountain Lion SSD partition along with huge amount of data saved in it. In fact when your SSD partition is removed or disappeared on Mac Mountain Lion computer, its data won’t get erased permanently. Only address pointers of respective files will get delete, hence lost or deleted SSD volume data is still present on Mac Mountain Lion system until corresponding memory space gets replaced by any new data. Therefore, as soon as possible perform SSD partition recovery on Mountain Lion Mac system using any consistent data retrieval software.

Mountain Lion SSD partition data recovery tool:

Yodot MAc Data Recovery is best in restoring deleted or missing SSD partition on Mountain Lion computer. This tool can execute secure data recovery on Mountain Lion system and restore SSD partition data efficiently. You can get back MS Office documents, personal folders, compressed files, program files, media files and many other files from Mountain Lion SSD partitions. Using this application, one can also rescue back erased or lost from Mountain Lion after formatting, accidental deletion, storage device corruption and other data loss issues. This program can regain data from Mac Mountain Lion SSD volumes formatted with HFS, HFS+ and HFSX file systems. Along with Mountain Lion SSD partitions, you can also recover missing partitions on Mavericks, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard operating system based Mac laptops, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and so on devices.

Steps to extract SSD partition on Mountain Lion system:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery utility on Mountain Lion computer
  • Launch installed tool and follow on-screen guidelines
  • Use“Volume Recovery” option to get back deleted or lost SSD partitions on Mountain Lion machine
  • Later, this software scans Mountain Lion SSD and displays all the volumes including deleted or missing once
  • Subsequently select erased or missing Mountain Lion SSD partition from where you have to rescue data
  • This triggers scanning of chosen SSD partition of Mountain Lion system, upon completion of scanning process,this program displays restorable data in “Data View” or “File Type View” options
  • Tick files and folders which you want to recover back and click on "Next" button
  • At end browse for different destination location to save retrieved SSD partition data on Mountain Lion computer
  • You can even compress rescued data and save that data on external hard drives, pen drives etc.

Prominent Tips:

  • Verify carefully before deleting any SSD partitions on Mac Mountain Lion system
  • Avoid saving new data on SSD partition on Mountain Lion computer to avoid overwriting of data
  • Do not handle Disk Utility on Mountain Lion system if you don’t know precise steps to prevent unforeseen data loss scenarios

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