Rescue Data when iMac Internal Hard Drive not Recognized

“Several days ago, my iMac machine was working slow, initially I thought it was due to more number of windows that I had opened, so I closed all the windows and rebooted it. Even after reboot, the problem persisted and while I was looking at it, my hard drive became unrecognizable. There were no partitions present on iMac internal hard drive; I am just confused as to what has gone wrong. Anyone facing similar issues please suggest a solution to get back my files from iMac internal hard drive. Thanks! ”

iMac is provided with amazing display and comes with Intel 4th generation processor that makes it one of most asked systems. It’s equipped with USB 3.0 port, using which connections can be made much faster as compared to other devices USB 2.0. Powerful graphics and advanced storage options like 1TB of flash memory makes data accessibility in a blink of an eye. Music, Movies, Pictures, Documents and much more can be stored without any trouble. Well, without any trouble! But not all the times, certain human mistakes and some unknown circumstances may occur that can result in iMac internal hard drive not being recognized in the system. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Presence of more number of bad sectors on iMac hard drive can make it inaccessible leading to loss of data
  • System crash or hard drive failure on your iMac PC can make iMac internal hard drive not being recognized
  • Immature formatting process may damage the file system result iMac internal hard drive will not be recognized
  • Usage of irrelevant third party software for partitioning iMac internal hard drive will leave it in inaccessible state

You would have heard it earlier, keep backup of important files on regular basis but didn’t take the advice seriously. With the occurrence of above scenarios on your iMac internal hard drive, you would be eager just to know the simplest and enhanced way to get back access to files from iMac internal hard drive that is not being recognized by the system. Well here is a solution and it’s called as “Yodot Mac Data Recovery”.

iMac internal hard drive recovery:

No matter how hard it is to get back data from iMac internal hard that is not recognized, Yodot Mac Data Recovery software provides effective recovery options. Included with intense scanning algorithms, it thoroughly scans the entire iMac internal hard drive to perform rescue operation in a minimum amount of time. With help of best graphical user interface, Yodot Mac Data Recovery application can be easily used even by a novice user. Including iMac hard drive data recovery, this utility provides support for successful data retrieval operation on other hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, pen drives, FireWire drives and many other storage devices. Yodot Mac Data Recovery software can be easily implied on Mac OS X versions like Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and the latest Mavericks. If you need any technical help for retrieving data from unrecognized iMac internal hard drive then you can always find technical staff that is available round the clock to solve the issue.

Follow simple steps to recover data when iMac internal hard drive not recognized:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software in the system by accessing as local system administrator
  • Once the utility is installed, user can run the program and follow simple options provided on main screen
  • Click on Volume Recovery and then proceed to next window to select the drive
  • After selecting the drive, mark file types that needs to be rescued and initiate data recovery
  • Upon completion of data retrieval process rescued files are listed in Data View or File Type View
  • Hit on desired view and then select file types that needs to be saved on destination location as applicable to user

Things to be remembered:

  • Schedule regular defragmentation process to lower number of bad sectors on iMac hard drive
  • Avoid installation of unknown applications on your iMac system this may corrupt your hard drive
  • Make use of reliable third party software to perform data recovery on iMac internal hard drive.

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