Recovering Data When LaCie USB Drive Not Recognized on Mac

Now a day’s every computer stores huge amount of data on its hard disk drive. Mac OS X based systems are top most preferred when it comes to usage of computers, because they provide best computing experience compared to other computers. As data stored on these Mac machines is prone to get lost at any point of time, users tend to maintain backup of their valuable information on external storage media as it can be accessed easily. One among the most widely used external storage devices for data backup is LaCie external hard drives.

LaCie USB external hard drives are provided with best performance as it enables data writing speeds at much higher level. Though LaCie USB disks offer secure data storage capability, but certain issues do arise where in you might end up with loss of all your significant data on LaCie USB drive after it fails to get recognized on Mac. What might be the reason behind LaCie USB hard drive not getting recognized on Macintosh computers and how to recover data from LaCie flash drive? Before learning detailed procedure for recovering data from unrecognized LaCie USB drive on Mac; let us have a concise discussion on what factors are accountable for the situation where LaCie USB disk goes unrecognizable on Mac OS X system:

  • Improper removal of LaCie USB drive from Mac system when read / write process is being carried out makes it not detectable on Mac system
  • Use of LaCie USB drive on computers without proper antivirus protection may also make it not recognizable on Mac computer
  • Format error, file system error, presence of bad sectors on LaCie USB Drive and other issues can result in LaCie USB drive becoming unrecognizable on Macintosh system
  • Some issues may arise during repartitioning of LaCie USB drive, usage of improper third party tools for file system conversion that results in unrecognized LaCie USB drive

Got tensed when you are unable to find your LaCie USB drive when it is connected to Mac system? Don’t worry! It is common issue faced while using LaCie USB drive; user can efficiently rescue files lost from LaCie pen drive with use of LaCie USB drive data recovery utility.

About LaCie USB drive data recovery utility

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is finest tool that can be used for recovering data missing, inaccessible or deleted from LaCie USB drive that is not recognized on all Macintosh systems. Equipped with powerful recovery algorithms, this tool ensures complete recovery of MS Office files, compressed files, photos, videos, audio files, animated files and other stuff from your LaCie USB drive. Data can be securely restored from not recognized LaCie USB drive without making any alterations to original file content during recovery process as this software is tagged as ‘read only’ feature. You can also recover data when iMac internal hard drive is not recognized, it also includes other brands of hard drives that can be used on Mac systems like WD My Book, Seagate Momentus, Samsung S2 portable drive, Sony, Dell and many more.

Procedure to restore data from LaCie USB drive not recognized on Mac:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software tool on Mac system by logging as local system admin
  • Once the installation process gets completed, user can run the program and from main screen of utility click on ‘Volume Recovery’ option and then move on to next screen
  • From list of drives shown, select LaCie USB drive that has been plugged in to your Mac system
  • Select that were lost from LaCie USB drive and then initiate scanning
  • Upon completion of recovery process, recovered files are listed in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • Click on desired view type and then save rescued files to any known location on your Mac computer

Points to Think About:

  • Always scan your LaCie USB drive before using it on any Mac system to prevent virus or malware attacks
  • Secure your important files from LaCie USB drive on multiple storage devices
  • Follow proper procedure while formatting or re-formatting LaCie USB drive