Mac File Recovery after Accidental Deletion

Accidental deletion is the most common action that causes data loss most of the times. Many times we unknowingly or incautiously delete files from our PC or laptop, which later appears to be important. Files can be deleted in different manners, either simply by using the “Delete” key or by using “Command + Delete” keys.

If you had accidentally deleted a file with help of “Delete” key, it can be recovered or restored from the Trash. But the problem takes place, when you have deleted it by using “Command + delete” keys, as the file does not get stored in the Trash. Other circumstances where you lose file after accidental deletion are by emptying the Trash and if you have deleted the file from a removable storage drive then the file will not get stored in the Trash.

Is the file permanently deleted?

No, the file is not permanently deleted / lost from the hard drive. Whether a file is deleted using “Delete” key, “Command + delete” keys, by emptying Trash or from removable storage drives, it is still present in the hard drive and can be easily recovered. When you delete a file, only its entry is deleted from the directory, indicating the system that there is a free space available. Hence, the file can be recovered if not overwritten by any new data.

Is it possible to recover a deleted file?

Yes, it is definitely possible to recover / retrieve a deleted file, even if you have removed it from the Trash. YoDot Mac File Recovery software makes recovery of deleted files possible.

YoDot Mac File Recovery tool is the best way to recover deleted files, as it is robust software. It creates a completely new file after recovering data and does not writes a single bit to the original file. Moreover you can also recover files deleted from removable media.

How to use the software?

  • Download and install YoDot Mac File Recovery Software in your PC or laptop. Also make sure not to download the software in the same volume from which you need to recover files. Otherwise the data will be overwritten with the new data causing permanent deletion or loss
  • If you want to recover files from a removable drive, then attach it to your PC
  • Now, Run the software and continue by following the on screen instructions
  • From the main window, select “Recover Deleted Files” option
  • Select from the list of drives, from which you want to retrieve deleted files
  • Wait until the software completes the scanning of the selected drive
  • Choose from the list of found files that are displayed, which you want to retrieve. For easy selection use two view types
  • Make use of raw search option to recover specific file by providing its unique signature. This helps you avoid full drive scan and hence saves time
  • Preview the file before restoration
  •  Now, select the destination location to store the recovered files


Follow some of the precautionary measures to avoid data loss due to accidental deletion of files

  • Always backup your important files regularly
  • Before deleting a file, make sure that it won’t be of use in the future
  • Before emptying Trash, cross check for any important file in it before attempting mac trash recovery
  • Make important files as read-only
  • In memory cards, make use of “write protect” switch to avoid accidental deletion or alteration

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