How to Recover Deleted Files from an Emptied Trash on Mac?

Updated on April 14, 2020

Mac users are familiar with macOS Trash Bin. Trash on a Mac is a folder that is designed to hold recently deleted files. If the files on Mac are deleted, they will be moved to Trash folder. So, if you have accidentally deleted any important files along with the unwanted ones from Mac machine, and want to recover them back, you can easily restore the required files from Trash folder. But, the problem arises if you have emptied the Trash folder after deleting the files from their location.

Most of the Mac users have the habit of emptying the Trash folder to permanently remove the junk or the unwanted files from their machine in order to increase the memory space on the hard drive. The problem arises when a user deletes some important files along with the unwanted ones, and empty the Trash folder. Because, when a Trash folder is emptied, the files are deleted from the system, and need extra effort to recover deleted files after emptying Trash Mac.

Since, the junk files in Mac Trash Bin takes up a considerable amount of space on Mac hard drive most users empty their Mac Trash. Later they may sadly find that their important file or document is deleted permanently by mistake.

So, if you are the one who has emptied Trash Mac without checking its contents, and now, regretting that you have lost important files and folders then never lose hope. You can easily retrieve files after emptying Trash! To know how to recover files after emptying Trash on Mac, continue reading..!

Is it Possible to Recover Files after Emptying Mac Trash?

Yes, definitely! because when you empty Trash on Mac, files are not permanently removed from the Mac hard drive. Only the file name and its address location are removed from the Mac file system, whereas the file still remains intact on your Mac hard disk, but made invisible for the users and they can be recovered back easily.

Note: The first thing you must do after emptying Trash is to immediately stop using your Mac computer, as you may end up overwriting the files deleted after emptying Trash. Every new file or action will write up free space and reduce your chances of restoring files after emptying Trash.

Yodot Mac File Recovery - Tool to Recover Files after Emptying Trash Mac:

In order to restore deleted files from emptied Trash on Mac, you have to opt for a suitable tool specially designed for recovering files from Trash on Mac known as Yodot Mac File Recovery. It is a reliable tool to recover files from emptied Trash on Mac OS X High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and other earlier versions. This software has the ability to recover all kinds of MS Office documents, photos, video files, music files and other file types from emptied Mac Trash.

The tool is not just a solution for how to get emptied Trash back on Mac. In fact, you can retrieve deleted and lost files from Mac internal hard drive, external storage drive, memory cards, iPods, flash drives and others on Mac OS X using this software.

Totally, this program offers you an all-in-one solution for Mac file recovery and helps in easy restoration of deleted or emptied data from Mac Trash Bin under all Mac OS X.

How to Recover Files Deleted after Emptying Mac Trash?

Step 1: Launch Yodot Mac File Recovery software and select Deleted File Recovery option from the main screen.

Select Deleted File Recovery

Step 2: Choose the Mac Volume from where the deleted files are to be recovered and click on Next button.

Select Volume

Step 3: After a quick scan, your deleted files will be shown in two different views - Data View and File Types View.

Recovered Files

Step 4: Mark your required files and browse for the destination location to Save the recovered files.

Save Files

Note: You can also specify the tool, which files to search for i.e. you can mention file type, extensions of the deleted files for scanning. Also, you are free to Preview your files present in the recoverable items list.

And, it is suggested to save restored files on a new volume rather than on the one from which they are recovered.

Important Note:

  • Avoid emptying the Trash without checking its contents
  • Think before enabling Auto Trash option, which empties the contents of Trash bin after every system restart
  • Maintain a regular backup of all your important files using Mac Time Machine

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