File Recovery after Macintosh Re-install

Reinstallation of operating system is done under numerous circumstances like; in case the system is infected by viruses or you want to increase the system speed or in case file system has gone corrupt or need to upgrade to a new OS version and there can be many other reasons also.

OS re-installation in Macintosh can be performed in two ways, one is “Archive and Install” and another is “Erase and Install”. When you make use of “Archive and Install” option, only the operating system files are erased and new copy of the same is installed. But when you use “Erase and Install” option, it will erase all your files, programs and personal settings, thus leaving behind a formatted Mac hard drive with a new Mac OS X.

Let’s have a look on the scenarios where you lose your files after Macintosh re-installation

Data loss can be really annoying for any computer user. Even though many times they end up doing blunders. For example; in case of re-installing Macintosh OS, people often end up choosing “Erase and Install” option in a hurry, instead of the other option. Thus, lose all their personal files like music collection, videos clips, movies, pictures, documents etc.

Another scenario where users mainly lose their files in Mac re-install is due to re-installation error. That is while doing the re-install process, user comes across some unknown errors because of which installation freezes in the middle, showing error message that re-installation failed. This in turn causes inaccessibility of Mac volumes.

How to get back files after Mac re-install?

Fear not, there is always a way to get things back. In this case, where you need to recover your lost files after Mac OS X re-installation error, a quality Mac recovery utility can save you the trouble. Yodot Mac File Recovery is the best file recovery utility especially designed for Macintosh OS. It can easily recover your lost files after Mac re-install, whether you lost it due to some error or accidental mistake. Offers high success in case of recovery, as it scans each and every sector of the hard drive for recovering the lost files. Moreover it also supports all the latest versions of Mac OS X i.e. 10.5(Leopard), 10.6(Snow Leopard), 10.7(Lion).

Steps to be followed for recovery

In case, you have lost files after re-installation of Macintosh, then you won’t be able to access Mac volumes. Thus, you need to connect your Mac hard drive to some other Macintosh system and install the software in it.

  • Download Yodot Mac File Recovery software to the another Mac system and install it
  • Start the application from the applications folder
  • As the main window appears, choose “Lost File Recovery” option
  • The application looks for all the physical drives present in that system and displays the same
  • Once you select the desired Mac hard drive, all the volumes / partitions will be shown. Choose the one and click “Next
  • In case you need to recover a specific file type, then mark the one or select “Mark all” to retrieve all of them
  • As you click “Next”, the software starts with the scanning process. You can view its progress in the progress bar
  • After the scan ends, software displays all the recovered files in a Mac styled interface
  • Make your selection with the help of two view types, “Data Type” and “File Type”
  • Preview the files before saving it to the destination location. Store the files to a different location, other than from where you are recovering the files


  • Always backup your personal files to an external hard drive, before starting re-installation
  • After data loss, stop the use of that hard drive