Retrieve Files after using Command-Shift-Delete Keys

Now and then, users delete unwanted files from their Mac computer in order to make free space and to optimize their system performance. Mac users can delete a file by using “Command-Delete”, this key combination moves the erased file to the Trash. Later, they can clear Trash folder by clicking on Empty Trash button. But the real problem arises if you delete important file along with unwanted files using “Command-Delete” key combination. If you have not emptied Trash folder, then it is possible to get it back easily.

Recovering Files Deleted using Command Delete Key from Trash Folder-

Already emptied Trash folder? Then, use Time Machine Backup, if you have any or else make use of File Recovery Tools.

Get Back Files Deleted using Command Delete keys from Time Machine Backup-

If you have backed up all your data using Time Machine, then you don’t have to worry. Just go to Time Machine Backup, use up and down arrows to locate the required file. Select the needed file and right click on it to choose Restore button.

What if you don’t even have Time machine Backup? Then, the last chance to get back your files deleted using Command Delete Key is Yodot File Recovery Tool.

Undelete Files after usage of Command Shift Delete Keys with Yodot File Recovery Tool-

While it may seem that deleted files are gone forever, but the truth is that these files are not permanently removed. Because when you empty your Trash that has files deleted using “Command-Shift-Delete” keys, it only removed the file pointer of the deleted files and marks that space as free. As long as these files are not overwritten by any new data, recovery is possible. Therefore, the first thing you need to do after file loss situation is to stop using your Mac computer to add or save any new data, which will result in overwriting of the erased data. And immediately switch to Yodot File Recovery software to avoid data loss disasters.

Yodot Mac File Recovery application is an advanced file retrieval software to rescue files emptied from Trash after using “Command-Shift-Delete” key combination. The software helps you to get back files like music, documents, photos, videos etc. Also, it restores files deleted using command terminal in few clicks. The tool retrieves both deleted and lost files from all storage devices like Mac internal hard disk, external drives, pen drives, memory cards and many other storage devices.

Recovery of Command Deleted Files using Yodot File Recovery Tool-

Note: You can also save your retrieved files to any external storage media like external portable device, USB drive, CDs and even on DVDs.

Things to Remember

  • Check twice or even thrice before emptying your Mac Trash
  • Use Time Machine utility to back up your important data on regular basis

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