Software to Recover Files on Apple System

“Hi everybody, I brought Apple Mac system on last month for my personnel use and I have stored all my important files, trip photos, favorite mp3 songs, videos, and other important data in it. Since I am a new user for Mac computer, I don’t have much knowledge about using this system. I know some of the keyboard shortcuts for emptying the trash, copying files, and few more. When I was deleting the unnecessary files from my Mac I unintentionally deleted some of the other files with it, but later I realized that these files are very expensive and thought of restoring it from Trash. But I have a bad habit of emptying the Trash by using the keyboard shortcut soon after deleting any files from the system. I tried to recover deleted file by using “Time Machine”, but it was disabled. Now I am left with none of the option for retrieving deleted files from my computer. If anybody knows any of the methods for recovering deleted files from MacBook Air, then suggest me the best solution for solving this problem??”

Yes, there is other method for recovering your deleted files on Mac system which guarantees you to get back your important files from Apple system. Before knowing this method let us see some of the other circumstance where your files may get deleted or lost on Mac systems:

  • Accidentally deleting files from Trash by pressing “Command + Shift + Delete” keys together
  • Files may get lost when you abruptly remove USB or other external storage device form Mac system while transferring files from Mac computer
  • Sudden system shutdown or power surge may even result in losing your important files
  • If your valuable files are infected with virus or malwares, then anti-virus application will remove such files which leads to deletion of files on Apple system
  • Due to volume corruption your essential file may become inaccessible, then you need to format it which deletes your crucial data from Apple computer
  • You may lose all files, if the sudden interruption has occurred while transferring files to other storage device by using the “Cut + Paste” option

These are some of the other reasons for deletion or loss of your valuable data from Apple computer and other digital gadgets. As mentioned above the best method for recovering file from Apple system is by using the file recovery software. Yodot Mac File Recover software is one of the best apple file recovery tool for retrieving all your deleted or lost files from Mac operating system.

Best apple file recovery software:

You can easily retrieve your deleted or lost files by using proficient apple file recovery software. Yodot Mac File Recovery is one of the efficient recovery software which is used by many of the Mac users to recover their crucial files on Mac OS X. This software has the ability to retrieve all your lost or deleted files from Apple products like Mac system hard drive, iPods and external hard drives. In addition you can also restore files from Mac external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards and other storage media on Macintosh OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion. The tool recovers files like music, pictures, documents, videos and many other files on Mac machine. This file recovery utility allows you to preview your recovered files from Apple machine prior to restoration using Data View and File Type Views.

How to use apple data recovery software?

  • First download and install Yodot Mac File Recovery software on Mac machine
  • Launch the software and follow the procedure displayed on screen
  • The software displays two options in the main screen. i.e., ”Delete File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select ”Delete File Recovery” option to recover deleted files from your Macintosh computer
  • Select “Lost File Recovery” option to recover lost files from your Apple system
  • This tool will scan the entire Mac system and displays all the partition present in the Mac machine
  • Select the logical drive from which you need to recover your deleted or lost file on Mac
  • The recovery tool will scan the selected drive from Mac machine and shows all recovered files in different type of views i.e., “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Select the desired destination location to save the recovered files on Mac machine (don’t save the recovered files to the same drive from which you are trying to retrieve files)


  • It’s good to have regular backup of your important files before it gets deleted or lost
  • Check the Trash before emptying it by using the keyboard shortcut keys
  • Always update anti-virus application to remove virus and spyware that infects your Mac machine