How to Get Back Deleted Files from Apple Computer?

“Need help. I recently erased certain files on my Mac machine from Terminal. So, these deleted files have not stored in trash folder to retrieve back. I searched in Time machine too, but couldn’t find any copy of deleted files, can any mention proper method of recovering deleted files from Apple computer? Please help.”

Most of the users encounter this unforeseen blunder of deleting files from systems without proper knowledge. Erasing files from Mac Terminal causes complete loss of that file from the registry. Hence, attempt of using Terminal to erase files should be reduced as it makes the files to bypass Trash bin. Adding to this, there are other scenarios too that end up in deletion of necessary files on Apple computer. They are:

  • Emptying Trash bin without glancing at the contents
  • Utilizing Auto-empty Trash option will erase any unseen important files that were saved in Trash
  • Installation of any unsecure programs on Mac drive can also result to deletion of files without user notice
  • Finding necessity of any file after deleting it from computer
  • Employing inefficient antivirus tool on Apple system can erase suspicious files without even confirmation

Nevertheless, if regular backup is maintained then deleted files can be regained effortlessly by referring the backup. If this is not handy then, the only option is to go for relevant file restoration software to bring back deleted files.

Best tool regain erased files on Apple Mac:

Many professional recovery experts suggest making use of Yodot Mac File Recovery to safely rescue erased files on Mac. This tool is proven as safe to use as it is pretested for presence of malicious viruses and found free. The tool can restore all Office files and personal folders like accidentally deleted Apple keynote file, documents, reports, PowerPoint presentations, text files, etc. from Mac hard drives, external drives, USB drives and other storage media formatted with HFS, HFS+, FAT16, FAT32 file systems. In addition to this, the tool can also restore lost and missing file types on Apple computers running with any version from OS X Leopard (10.5), Snow leopard (10.6) and Mac Lion (10.7) upto Sierra.

Guidelines to extract deleted files on Mac:

  • Download Yodot Yodot Mac File Recovery tool and install it on your Mac system
  • Launch the installed utility by following on screen instructions
  • Select “Deleted File Recovery” option to restore erased files
  • Then, select the volume from which files were deleted and click next
  • The tool starts to scan selected volume of Mac showing recovery progress in status bar
  • After scanning process completes, all the rescued files will be provided in a list, including its file description
  • Preview the files using Data view or File type view options
  • Then, select desired location to store recovered files on Mac drive or on CD / DVD and click on Save button

Necessary tips to avoid deletion of files:

  • Do not empty Trash bin without confirmation
  • Avoid using Mac Terminal to perform tasks like file deletion
  • Maintain regular backup of crucial files on external storage devices

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