How to Recover Deleted Files on Mavericks OS X?

“Hi folks, can someone please suggest me on how to recover deleted files from Mac Mavericks. I recently migrated from Mac OS X 10.7 Lion to 10.9 Mavericks on my Mac computer. Before I went through all the attributes of OS X Mavericks, I accidentally deleted few files. But when I opened Trash to restore back accidentally deleted files, I was shocked to see that none of these files were listed there. Then I leant that I had enabled Auto Empty Trash option and regretted for making such misfortune. So, please suggest any good recovery method to get back my deleted files.”

‘Mavericks’ is the latest OS X version for Apple computers and it has gained huge popularity because of its ultimate features. Within less time, it is been noticed as the most advanced desktop operating system for Apple Macintosh machine. OS X Mavericks is engineered with skillful technology to assist users to work just as the way they want it to. Unfortunately, just like all other previous OS X versions, users of Mavericks also encounter data disasters by accidental deletion.

Some of the common situations of losing files after deletion are like this:

  • After every deletion process, emptying Trash bin without having a look at its content. This might completely erase certain necessary files that are accidentally deleted
  • Erasing any file, thinking that it is not required for further usage, later finding  need of the information in it
  • Deletion of files from Terminal will cause complete deletion of that file info from the file allocation table, that’s becomes impossible to manually recover it
  • Enabling Auto Empty Trash option, this is an advanced feature that automatically empties Trash bin on Mavericks before system shutdown or very next after system start up

In several of these situations, if one possess good backup of important files then deletion of files can be reversed. If not then, give a try with Mac Time Machine utility, which acts as automatic backup for all the currently used files. If you are lucky enough then, you may find last modified version of deleted file. Else, without making delay employ good Mac file recovery program to restore back deleted files.

Best utility to bring back erased files on Mac Mavericks:

Yodot Mac File Recovery tool is recognized as the best utility to recover deleted files from Mac Mavericks computer. Its advanced file recovery algorithms can carefully retrieve different types of files that are deleted or lost from Mac Mavericks due to circumstances like improper transfer of files, virus infection, use of unauthentic applications and so on. Above this, the tool can rescue files from Mac hard drives on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini desktops and laptops running with other OS X versions like Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.

Follow these steps to regain deleted files on Mac Mavericks:

  • Download Yodot Mac File Recovery software onto your Mavericks system
  • After completion of installation process, launch the tool
  • Two major options can be seen in main screen i.e. Deleted File Recovery and Lost File Recovery
  • Click for Deleted File Recovery option to extract deleted files
  • By clicking next, a list of all volumes and drives present on that Mac machine gets displayed
  • Choose the volume in which deleted files previously stored and click next
  • Software performs a deep scan of that selected volume to find erased files
  • After finishing point of scanning process, various restorable files will be listed under Data view / File type view options
  • Toggle between these two view types to glance at the retrieved files
  • Then, specify a new destination location on any external storage component or on the system itself and save these rescued files (Do not save the files to the same volume on which recovery was performed)

Points to keep in mind:

  • It is most recommended not to enable Auto Empty Trash button on Mac computers
  • Possess good backup of necessary files on external storage devices to avoid uninvited data loss
  • Before emptying Trash have a look at its contents

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