Get Back Deleted Folders from Mac Trash

“I have accidentally moved an important folder to Trash Bin and upon realizing about my mistake, I have visited Trash to restore it back. I always have the habit of commencing actions by right clicking on the file or folder and this time too, I have right clicked on the folder to restore it. However, instead of selecting ‘Put back’ option, I have unintentionally clicked on ‘Empty Trash’ option that was present just below ‘put back’ option. Now I cannot see the folder present in my Mac Trash. Can anyone guide me with the directions to get back deleted folder from Mac Trash?”

Trash acts as the temporary container to hold file which have been removed from Mac system. Unlike, Recycle Bin in Windows system, Trash does not have size limitations and it can hold even large amount of files which you delete from Mac finder. But instance as detailed above may happen at any time and make you lose important folder from it.

Most common reason behind folder loss from Trash:

  • Emptying Trash: When hard drive on Mac is almost full, users first opt to empty Trash Bin. If any important folder is present in Trash before deletion, then you will not get any other manual way to restore it
  • Pressing Command + Shift + Delete: If you hit upon “Command + Shift + Delete” options, then Mac will automatically empty Trash Bin by clearing its content
  • Enabling Auto Empty option: If you activate ‘Auto Empty Trash’ option, then Mac system will automatically empty entire files from Trash Bin each time when you switch on and switch off Mac computer

Folder Recovery from Trash:

Before you delete any file from Trash or empty it, run Time machine to backup entire files and folders stored in Trash Bin. However, most of the users forget to run Time machine and lose their vital folder. Don’t be devastated in such situation as you can recover deleted folders from Mac Trash with the use of Yodot Mac File Recovery software. This software is completely tested and it will guarantee you safe recovery of files without damaging existing files on Mac hard drive. You will get two view types which will show files based on their name and extension. Also, you will be allowed to find out number of drives present in Mac along with its file system, size as well as type of the hard drive. Furthermore, the application will facilitate you to save retrieved files to the location that you specify. In addition to this the software will provide save recovery session option in demo version using which you can resume the recovery session after activating full version and without going through the steps again.

Step by step instructions to regain deleted folder from Trash:

  • Download Yodot Mac File Recovery software and install it to your Mac system
  • Soon after installation run to begin the recovery of folders from Mac Trash
  • Main screen shows two options which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose first option and then mark on the drive from where you want to recover folder
  • Hit on “Next” option to begin the scanning and pick recoverable files
  • Choose files which you want to retrieve and review them using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Finally save restored files in a location other than the original one

Useful information:

  • Cross check the contents of the Trash bin, before emptying it
  • Install a powerful antivirus software to avoid deadly viruses

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