Restoring Download Folder from Trash

“I have deleted download folder from Trash Bin. It was a big accident and I need to find a way in which I can get it back. I had some important files stored in it that were required to be used for some reference. Is there a way to undelete download folder from Trash? If so, please provide me with an exact solution. Thanks!”

Yes! You can restore your deleted download folder from Trash in a minimum amount of time. But, before doing that we recommend you to stop using your system once you have deleted Download folder so that your valuable information is not overwritten with newly added files. With the use of reliable Mac File Recovery application, rescue of deleted download folder from Trash can be done even by a novice user. However, you can be safe by keeping in mind some of the scenarios that lead to deletion of download folder from Trash bin:

  • By clicking on Empty Trash option from the Finder menu leads to removal of entire information that was present in Trash folder
  • Use of unknown applications for optimizing your PC can also lead to deletion of download folder
  • At times, user may unintentionally delete Download Folder along with other data present in Trash

Software to recover download folder from Trash:

Download Yodot Mac File Recovery software and follow simple onscreen steps to safely get back download folder from Mac Trash. As this software is provided with powerful recovery algorithms, user can be ensured full recovery of data that was stored in Download folder without missing any file from it. If you happen to delete files from any location of your Mac system, there is no need to get worried as this utility is capable of recovering permanently deleted files as well as lost data from different storage media like internal hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, FireWire drive and others. On rare instances, you may find trouble while accessing this recovery tool, if it happens then you can get the help of our technical support staff who will be available round the clock to assist you.

Note:The application supports recovery of only basic file formats, so if you have lost media files and applications, then it is suggested to download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery or Yodot Mac Data Recovery software.

Steps that needs to be followed for download folder recovery are:

  • After installation of Yodot Mac File Recovery software, a shortcut icon appears on your desktop
  • Run the software and from main screen, click on Deleted File Recovery option and then move on to next window
  • Select the drive from where your download folder has been deleted and then carry on to next screen
  • If you want to mark the file types, you can do so, else just skip the process and move on to scanning
  • Upon completion of recovery procedure, user can take a look at restored data on basis of File Type View or Data View
  • Click on desired view type and then select and save the file to available destination other than source location

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Always go through Trash folder before deleting any file from it
  • It would be helpful if you maintain backup of your important files on more than one destination
  • Avoid usage of improper tools that can result in unexpected file deletion

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