How to Get Back Excel Files from Mac System?

Issues like losing your Excel files on Mac Operating System are getting more common these days. Many users lose their important Excel files randomly due to simple faults or false operation. However Excel files lost from thse Mac computers are not permanently gone. They are still stored on their Mac hard disk waiting to be recovered

So, don’t get upset! with the help of a Mac file recovery tool you can recover all excel files that were lost from your Mac Volumes effectively. All you need to do is stop using your Mac hard drive to store any new files and start looking for a good recovery software

Listed below are some of the common scenarios that cause loss of your Excel Files from Mac OS:

  • Unintentional Deletion: Excel files get deleted from your system accidentally when the user clicks on delete key. Emptying the Trash folder without checking its contents will also cause permanent loss of your Excel files.
  • Power Surge: Power Surge is also one of the main reasons for Excel file loss from Mac. Sudden loss of power while the user is working on his excel sheet will cause abrupt system shut down which leads to missing of all excel files that were open at that point of time
  • Other Reasons: The other faults that cause loss of excel files are, application fault i.e. when user upgrades his application to newer version there might be chances that his excel file might get corrupt and result in file loss. Abrupt termination of the Office application also has effect on your Excel files.

Which tool to use for recovery process?

There is no doubt that Yodot Mac File Recovery is the best tool which you can use to get back your excel files from your Mac OS. The most talked feature about this tool is that you are provided with the option to save the recovery process at any point of time. Once this is done there is no need for you to rescan the entire drive again. Just select the Saved Recovery Session and proceed with the scanning process from where it had been stopped.

Recovery Procedure that has to be followed:

  • Download and install the application in your computer, for this you must be logged in as Local System Administrator
  • Launch the product after installation process
  • In the main screen of the tool there will be two options provided i.e. “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select the option based on your data loss scenario
  • After which the software provides a list of Volumes
  • Select the one from where ou deleted / lost your excel file and then click on “Next” button
  • This will initiate the scanning process, which in no time will get back your excel files
  • The user can preview his data before having it saved

Safety Tips

  • Have all your important data backed up in separate drive
  • Exit the application properly after saving your work
  • Install powerful antivirus application installed in your system to combat viruses

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