Program to Restore Files from LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB

The LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB drive is one among the best designed USB drives that is manufactured by LaCie. This USB drive comes with a metal body and gold SIP connectors which makes it both water and scratch resistant. As compared to other USB drives, user can store different types of files and access them as desired. During the process of accessing or sharing information from LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB drive some unwanted events takes place which incur data loss. Have a look at the below mentioned scenarios:

  • Abrupt Removal: Removing your LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB drive abruptly from Mac machine when read / write process is being carried can give rise to severe data loss
  • Format: Sometimes LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB drive can be a victim of accidental format. Formatting is a process that tends to wipe out entire set of files and folders that were saved in the storage media
  • Other reasons: Accidental deletion, drive corruption as a result of virus attack, power surge when LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB is being accessed, antivirus applications etc. are other causes reasonable for file loss from LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB drive

Don’t panic! With access to leading-edge data recovery program called as Yodot Mac File Recovery utility, file recovery can be done in an efficient way. Encountering data loss scenarios as above can really hit your work badly, but remember the first thing to do is to keep calm as in most of the cases data recovery from LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB drive can be done effectively without causing any breakdown to data saved in it.

Restoring data from LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB drive

Yodot Mac File Recovery program can be named as the most suited utility that can be used to get back deleted / lost files from LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB drive on your Mac system. With the presence of simple user interface, even a novice user will find it an easy to go through program. The advanced list of options present in this utility will provide add on to the recovery procedure as unique options give you unique results. Yodot Mac File Recovery utility helps you get back files like music, documents, photos, videos (only generic) etc. from LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB drive and apart from that user can also get back deleted / lost files from other storage media like Mac internal hard disk, external drives, pen drives, memory cards, and many other storage devices that are available for user. To make the outcome more flexible, users have been provided with round the clock technical assistance so that no stone is left unturned while performing the recovery process.

Steps to get back deleted / lost files from LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB drive:

  • Download Yodot Mac File Recovery tool on your Mac system
  • Install the utility and launch the application with the help of shortcut icon
  • Plug in your LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB drive from where data is lost / deleted
  • Once the application has been started, you can see two options on the main screen
  • Select, ‘Lost File Recovery’ / ‘Deleted File Recovery’ option which ever has caused loss of data from LaCie CurrenKey 8GB USB drive
  • Now the application shows you the drives/volumes present on the Mac machine, including the externally connected storage media
  • Choose appropriate drive i.e. LaCie CurrenKey 8GB from which files have been lost / deleted
  • The tool thoroughly scans selected volume and retrieves all files
  • The rescued files will be presented in Data View and File Type View
  • Select the desired type of view and proceed to saving the file on known destination location

Tips for data backup:

  • Keep multiple copies of important files on different storage devices
  • Make use of the Time Machine Utility to backup data on Mac OS
  • Stop using LaCie CurrenKey 8GB as soon as you encounter data loss