Restore Data from Flash Drive on Mac

Flash drive is an inexpensive and effective data storage solution for people who want to store data somewhere other than their computer hard drive. It usually come in small, finger friendly sizes that are easy to carry. They are easily removable and the data stored can be effortlessly rewritten. They also have the greatest advantage as they can store large amount of data.

If all of a sudden you discovered that the files present in flash drive has become inaccessible, won't it be shocking? Off course it is. But there is a solution to every problem hence you can easily carry out recovery of files with the help of recovery software. However, you should take the action immediately once you realized that you have lost files from flash drive.

Reasons for data loss from flash drive

  • Data may be lost from the flash drive on Mac OS because of common human mistakes like unintentional deletion, formatting etc. Since flash drive is an external hard drive, if you delete any file from it, then it does not get redirected to Trash and hence you lose them
  • Improper removal of the flash drive from Mac machine while data transfer process is still continuing can results in data loss from it
  • Some of the unexpected causes like power failure while accessing files from flash drive, improper shut down of the Mac system etc. leads to lose of valuable data from it
  • If you connect your flash drive to the Mac machine that is virus infected then the virus might transfer to your flash drive and makes all the files inaccessible
  • Sometimes antivirus software scans and removes files from flash drive if they are infected with viruses

Which software to choose for restoring files from flash USB drive on Mac?

Yodot Mac File Recovery software is specially developed to retrieve data not only from flash drives but also from different USB storage drives. It scans the entire flash drive and restores deleted files and folders instantly. This software even provides trial version by making use of which you can evaluate its features and also can start the recovery. Moreover you can save the recovery session and after buying the full version you can resume the recovery session without going through the steps again.

Recovery Steps

  • Download Yodot Mac File Recovery Software and install  it to your Mac computer
  • After installation, run it to begin the recovery of files
  • Two options can be seen on the main screen they are i.e. "Deleted File recovery" and "Lost File recovery"
  • Select “Deleted File Recovery” to recover the files that got deleted due to accidental deletion
  • If you have accidentally formatted your flash drive or lost files from it due to unknown reasons then use the option “Lost File Recovery”
  • The Software now scans and displays all the Volumes present in the system including the external drive i.e. flash drive
  • Choose flash drive from list of identified storage drives to continue
  • Now the application displays all the files present in your flash drive. Mark the files that you need to recover and press on “Next” to continue
  • On the next window all the recoverable files are displayed in two view types namely “Data view” and “File type view”.
  • “Data view’ displays the files and folders in hierarchical format and “File Type View” displays the files based on their file extensions
  • Choose files and folders by making use of these view types
  • Preview files before recovering
  • At the end save recovered files in a desired location

Precautions to prevent data loss

  • Avoid performing further operations on your flash drive, that ensures no old data is overwritten by new ones or else this might results in permanent data loss
  • After recovery, remember to save the recovered files on your computer hard drive or another external device but not on the flash drive from where you lost your data
  • Regularly backup important files on your flash drive to other storage devices