Mac File Recovery from HFS Partition

HFS (Hierarchical File System) is the primary version of file system used in Macintosh and also known as Mac OS Standard. It offers special features like files can have dual forks (data and resource fork), character limit in file names, unique file ID’s, allocation block size of 4K – 32K etc. It also uses B-trees for maintaining the records of all the volume metadata such as the details of all the files and directories in a volume, details of the allocation blocks that are assigned to each file etc.

HFS had some limits with growing disk sizes, for that reason HFS+ format was developed as a replacement. Despite its limitations, HFS is extensively used, especially on interchange media and in software distribution.

What are the reasons that cause data loss from a HFS partition?

  • Unintentionally formatting
  • Corruption in MDB (Master Directory Block), which contains all the records related to volumes in a Mac machine, this in turn causes inaccessibility of volumes
  • Since, catalog file keeps records of all details related to all the files and directories present in a volume. So, corruption to it will lead to heavy data loss
  • Infection of virus in your HFS partition
  • Hard drive or OS crash due to frequent power outages, can cause files / folders to apparently go missing

How to recover your lost data from HFS partition?

If you are in pursuit of recovering lost data from a HFS partition or need to recover a whole HFS partition, which ever the case Yodot Mac File Recovery software is the most efficient and the safest way to achieve it.

The software provides a user-friendly interface, which makes recovery altogether a different experience. Options like “RAW Search” and “Save Recovery Session” makes recovery easy and fast. Also supports recovery of more than 300 different ile formats from your HFS partition. The tool works in read-only mode for restoring erased files on Macintosh without modifying the file content. It is a potent application to retrieve all deleted files as well emptied files from Mac Trash can. The utility helps to recover files easily from various storage devices on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Lion, etc upto Sierra version.

This program is built for effective restoration of data on OS X systems that support HFS or HFS+ file systems. In case if you face any difficulty in accessing FAT/NTFS data or if you cannot open files on exFAT formatted drive then you can opt the best solution provided by Yodot.

Steps involved in the HFS partition recovery process

  • Start with downloading and installing the Yodot Mac File Recovery software in your Mac machine
  • After that launch the application and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Choose “Lost File Recovery” option from the main window for recovering files that are lost after formatting, MDB corruption, virus attack etc.
  • On the next window, the software displays all the partitions / volumes present on your Mac
  • Select the desired HFS partition from which lost files are to be recovered
  • Now, the software will start scanning the selected HFS partition and will show all the lost files in a new window
  • Select from the list of files, the files which you want to recover. By avoiding the unwanted ones to save the disk space
  • Click “Next” and save the files that are recovered from the HFS partition on to a wanted location


  • Do not use the partition from which you lost data, as this may rewrite the data present on the partition. Hence, making recovery impossible
  • It’s important to have backup of your data, in order to avoid data loss situations