How to Restore Files from Trash on Mountain Lion?

“I use MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion OS X running on it. Recently I had enabled Auto-empty Trash functionality so that I don’t keep unwanted stuff still hanging on hard drive. Yesterday, while doing some crucial task I had erased few files thinking that they are not required further. Today I realized that I had deleted wrong files and with auto-empty Trash enabled I lost those files completely. Can anyone suggest me appropriate way to recover files from Mountain Lion Trash after deletion?”

Mountain Lion is the advanced OS X by Apple Inc. in the series of Mac operating systems. It is much advanced than its previous version Lion OS X in many aspects. Unfortunately, when it comes to data security no device is 100% secure from data disasters. Data saved on Mac Mountain Lion desktop or notebook can become useless due to many reasons and file deletion plays a major role in this. Removing files from Mountain Lion OS X will move them to Trash and it resides there until and unless Trash is emptied. But there are few instances that causes complete deletion of files from Trash on Mountain Lion, such as:

  • Reinstallation of Mountain Lion OS X will erase all files from Trash during the process
  • Unintentionally emptying Trash on Mountain Lion without glancing at the files saved in it
  • Use of Command+Option+Shift+Delete keyboard shortcut to empty Trash which will not give any confirmation message before emptying
  • In the process of restoring any files from Trash on Mountain Lion mistakenly deleting it
  • Use of any unauthenticated applications on Mountain Lion OS X may sometimes empty Trash files without user interface

In all these instances if user faces loss of data from Mountain Lion Trash then no need to panic. Check for recent backup if Time Machine is enabled. This would easily bring back deleted Trash files on Mountain Lion in blink of an eye. However, with no backup it is impossible to retrieve files manually. Hence, make use of efficient file retrieval tool to restore lost or erased files from Trash.

Mac Mountain Lion files recovery software:

One can advertently bring back files from Mountain Lion Trash using Yodot Mac File Recovery software. This tool is capable of recovering files like Pages document, Numbers file, Keynote file, generic media files, iWork files, PDFs, compressed archives and many more file types with ease. Along with files, it can retrieve deleted folders from Mac trash on Mountain Lion with much ease. Its brilliant scanning modules will support 100% secure recovery of files and folders not just on Mac OS X Mountain Lion, but also on Mac Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and Mavericks operating systems. This utility can be used to extract deleted, hidden or lost files from Mac hard drive, SSD, portable hard drive, memory cards, USB flash drive and many other storage media supported on Mac.

Simple steps to regain files from Mountain Lion Trash:

  • Download Yodot Mac File Recovery software on to your Mountain Lion Mac computer and install it
  • Run the utility by going to Applications in Dock and wait for main screen
  • Click on ‘Deleted File Recovery’ or ‘Lost File Recovery’ option according to file loss from Trash
  • Next, choose the drive / volume from which files are erased and click next
  • Allow the software to completely scan chosen volume on Mac machine
  • When recovered list of files appear on screen, make use of ‘Data View’ / ‘File Type View’ options to glance at them
  • At last, save these files to target location on OS X Mountain Lion hard drive or on to any other storage media

Useful tips:

  • It is not necessary to keep Auto-empty Trash enabled on Mac Mountain Lion
  • Before emptying / secure empty Trash, navigate through the folder to confirm no file is important and can be deleted
  • Enable Time Machine backup at regular time intervals

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