Get Back Files from Sony MicroVault Flash Drive

When it comes about high speed data transfer performance, Sony MicroVault USB flash drive comes first among several USB drive brands. This stylish and handy USB drive is the best choice when there is need of transferring high demanding HD videos, digital images, games etc. Additionally, it is empowered with encryption software that can secure your confidential photos, videos and other files with 256-bit AES encryption technology.

Despite of all above surprising features Sony MicroVault USB drive has a drawback that is obviously very common will all kind of storage devices it’s nothing but data loss. You may lose your valuable files from Sony MicroVault USB flash drive under several known or unknown circumstances after that you will need back up or any software to come over such unexpected event.

Why data loss happens on Sony MicroVault USB drive?

  • When you eject MicroVault USB drive suddenly without following the safe remove procedure when file transfer is going
  • Formatting Sony MicroVault USB flash drive on receiving format error or after it is inaccessible
  • Erasing few important files by mistake when you are deleting junk files from Sony MicroVault USB drive
  • If the file system of MicroVault USB drive gets damaged or corrupted
  • Expanding bad sectors on the USB drive because of rough usage and power surge while accessing its files

Sony MicroVault USB drive recovery tool!

After a spate of data loss from Sony MicroVault USB drive, you must employ an effective data recovery program to regain crucial files. For this purpose, data recovery professionals have introduced the safest and advanced utility named Yodot Mac File Recovery. Along with an interactive GUI and automated scanning technology, this application has a number of features to guarantee complete data recovery from Sony MicroVault USB flash drive on all major versions of Mac OS X operating systems. This utility assists Mac users in restoring kinds of documents and basic media files that are missing or deleted from MicroVault USB drive after accidental deletion, formatting, virus attack, sudden ejection and other data loss accidents. Additionally, you can avail this tool to regain files from flash drive, flash memory cards, external hard drives, internal hard drives and other storage drives manufactured by Sony, Samsung, Kingston, Toshiba, SanDisk and many others brands.

Procedure to safely rescue data from Sony MicroVault USB drive:

  • Plug your Sony MicroVault USB flash drive to the Mac computer and download Yodot Mac File Recovery program
  • Install the application to that system and launch its main screen by double clicking the shortcut icon on desktop
  • You get two options i.e. “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” on main screen
  • Select the particular option according to the reason for data loss with your Sony MicroVault USB drive and click next
  • On next screen all detected volumes will be displayed including Sony MicroVault USB drive. Select the flash drive and click on “next”
  • The software starts scanning the USB drive and shows entire recovered files/folders in either “File Type View” or “Data View”
  • Now browse for the destination location on your Mac system where you want to preserve the retrieved files

Preventive Tips!

  • Do not use the Sony MicroVault USB flash drive after the data loss
  • Always follow “safe remove procedure” to eject your Sony MicroVault USB drive from computer
  • Avoid using the Sony MicroVault USB flash drive on virus infected devices
  • Don’t format your flash drive soon after receiving format error message